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aera   Bayern, Germany
Company of Heroes
Former vCoH member ( 2009 - 2013 )
CoH 2 member since October 2013

Member of Company of Heroes 2 clan "Ninja Squad" since November 2015.

Dead by Daylight
Playing killer and survivor 60/40
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About me and my favorite games on Steam
Who am I?
I'm a 21 y/o college student, born and living in south Germany (Bavaria to be more precise)

What PC games do I like the most?

My favorite genre is -by far- RTS games.

Company of Heroes:
-My game of choice here is the Company of Heroes franchise, simply because I love its mechanics and the WW2 setting.
-I am a former vCoH member ( 2009 - 2013 ) and CoH 2 member since October 2013
-I am also a member of the Company of Heroes 2 clan "Ninja Squad" since November 2015.

Oh, and the very first RTS game I became addicted to is Command&Conquer: Generals & Zero Hour back in 2005.
Apart from RTS I like Horror games a lot, such as
Dead by Daylight
I am neither a suvivor nor a killer main, I play both sides frequently (at rank 1).

I play every single killer besides:

- Huntress (I don't enjoy playing her cuz she walks so slow)
- Myers (don't own the DLC)
- Freddy (don't own the DLC)

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