Matěj Kroužil   Pardubice, Pardubicky Kraj, Czech Republic
Just another stranger on the internet with some drawing skills.
Yeah... Like one of the billions out there... just another guy trying to make something out of his life.

I do requests sometimes from time to time... only when Im not busy or overwelmed

And Yis me laik Funneh Mey meys... yiss...
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Silent Mask Jul 5 @ 1:18pm 
Thanks for the tips a few days ago Dingo, they helped me a lot. I can finally draw without it looking like a deformed dog. :WhiteWolfHappy:
Biscuit Jun 30 @ 10:27am 
Chihiro is Fummy! Jun 24 @ 4:09pm 
draw me..e...eee.e.eeee dinongoipogo
Biscuit Jun 24 @ 2:29pm 
DINGO Jun 24 @ 2:24pm 
B you devil
Biscuit Jun 24 @ 1:45pm 
*Nibbles neck* Nom nom :fod2heart: