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Richardas   Kretinga, Klaipedos Apskritis, Lithuania
PvPro Store Trader.
New users use my ref code "Ryhardio" to get a free coins.
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No need to hurry me, I will send your item when I see;
Do not send a friend request, it will be canceled, if you need something, write in comments, then invite.
All spam comments will be deleted. Leave your comment +rep or -rep and why.
Don't be beggar, and don't beg to me. I'll block all beggars.
All items from my iventory is sellable ONLY on PvPro Store. If you interested in any specific item, search in my iventory, if I have, search and purchase at PvPro Store, I'll send your item when I see buy notification.
If you see "Items Now Unavailable For Trade", that means, your item is taken by another buyer. Please write in comments your "trade link", or add me in friends, I'll resend again.
✯Fabregas✯ May 29 @ 10:17am 
+rep , i acc trade offer bro
Leon | Pvpro.com May 29 @ 9:41am 
+REP fast trade
🅳🅰🆁🆃 May 29 @ 7:16am 
+rep <3
+rep bro i buy your skin on pvpro pls send trade
48kg kid Mihnea May 27 @ 4:09pm 
+rep bro check pvp pro i wanna buy something from you
jack | Pvpro.com May 27 @ 7:02am 
good trader +1:steamhappy: