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:BalkanCross: About Me :RedStar:

:IS2:BIRTHDAY:11 November:
:IS2:COUNTRY:Czech Republic

:RedStar: FAVORITE GAMES :RedStar:
:IS2:Grand Theft Auto V
:IS2:Assassin's Creed Origins
:IS2:Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
:IS2:For Honor
:IS2:Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands
:IS2:Rocket League
:IS2:ARK: Survival Evolved
:IS2:Mafia I
:IS2:Mafia II
:IS2: (BTW) Mafia 1 = czech game , Mafia 2 = half czech , half US game 
:IS2:Kingdom Come: Deliverance

:RedStar: Favorite Game Characters :RedStar:
:IS2:Tommy Angelo (Mafia I)
:IS2:Paulie (Mafia I)
:IS2:Vito Scaletta (Mafia II)
:IS2:Joe Barbaro (Mafia II)
:IS2:Franklin Clinton (GTA V)
:IS2:Michael De Santa (GTA V)
:IS2:Trevor Philips (GTA V)
:IS2:xmaxTV (DayZ)
:IS2:Lee (The Walking Dead season 1)
:IS2:Clementine (The Walking Dead season 1)
:IS2:Hanuš z lipé (Kingdom Come: Deliverance)
:IS2:Racek Kobyla (Kingdom Come: Deliverance)
:IS2:Bořek z Talmberka (Kingdom Come: Deliverance)
:IS2:Diviš (Kingdom Come: Deliverance)
:IS2:Jindřich (Kingdom Come: Deliverance)

:BalkanCross: Rules To Stay In My Friendlist :BalkanCross:

:mkb:Don't spam.
:mkb:Have OVER 5 level.
:mkb:Don't invite me to games if I don't ask u for.
:mkb:Do not have more 3 VAC BANS.
:mkb:Have 13+ Age.
:mkb:Trade only skins for a skins.

:BalkanCross: I don't accept random Friend request and into groups :BalkanCross:

:BalkanCross: :mkb: That's all :RedStar:

:BalkanCross: Plz Don't copy by original :RedStar:
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+rep Nice Mafia fan:pistol:. The Don is proud of you:emofdr:
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