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So ends the interregnum, and now Emily Kaldwin the First, will take her mother's throne, after a season of turmoil. You will stand at her side, Corvo, guiding her young mind, and protecting her from those who seek to exploit her, or cause her harm. You watched and listened when other men would have shouted in rage. You held back instead of striking. So it is, with the passing of the plague and Emily's ascension, comes a golden age, brought about by your hand. And decades hence, when your hair turns white and you pass from this world, Empress Emily - Emily the Wise, at the height of her power - will lay your body down within her mother's great tomb, because you were more to her than Royal Protector. Farewell, Corvo.
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I'll fuck you up kid
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more like hourly :) +1,000,000
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Plays CoD daily, -1
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You really liked dishonored didn't you