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clus Jan 2 @ 12:20pm 
Indeed it does ! ;)
CrazyBullet Jan 1 @ 4:36am 
Your profile Pic sums up nearly ALL steam workshop items:steamhappy:
surf2explore Nov 6, 2018 @ 2:38am 
Good morning, in the text there is a sentence that needs to be changed
"The reason for that is, that I didn't found" should be "The reason for that is, that I didn't find"
Threelakes Oct 28, 2018 @ 2:41am 
I like your glass buildings, could you please create an underground cube glass train station ?
MATT2772852 Sep 21, 2018 @ 8:28am 
Hi, I like your Berlin stations very much, they are literally unparalleled in the workshop!

I even use Adlershof station as my generic elevated station much like the island platform station Berlin style by [eRaZe] uиĐead. as my generic ground station.

However, as I don't want my cims travelling around on my Rheinburg S-Bahn(modeled after Berlin S-Bahn) get confused to which stop they should get off since every station on the Rheinburg Ringbahn route S41 and S42 is named Adlershof or Plänterwald, I have to unsubscribe from prop packs which includes the huge station sign. Now my cims are even more lost since they think the Rheinburg Ringbahn is no longer a S-Bahn service and decided to not go to work and Ost Rheinburg is on general strike.
MATT2772852 Sep 21, 2018 @ 8:27am 
Therefore, I wished that in future releases, there will be three prop packs:
1. one that include non S-Bahn and station sign props (for example, benches and lamps) for people who wish to use your station as a non-S-Bahn station , such as Plänterwald - Platform Lamp
2. one that include the S sign/cube for people who wanted to use the station as a S-Bahn station
3. Signs with station names, such as Adlershof Prop - Pack except the S sign for people who wanted to have the name

My cims would also be grateful if the older stations' prop packs is reworked to the 3 prop pack standard.

I know that you don't do this for a living so if you really change it, I will be incredibly happy.(thanks in advance!) Even if you don't, I still wanted to give you a big thank you for these art pieces you released into the workshop.