UGC S20- Gold Scout for Pecernious Practices

Etf2l S24- Open Roamer for Elytra: 52nd.

Etf2l S25- Mid Med for NWA 35th

Etf2l S26- Mid Med for Dm retards (folded)- Open Solly for niBBas whomst get 200 dpm 17th

Etf2l S27- Low(open)Demo for Primordial Jake Paul 5th

Etf2l S28- Mid Medic for 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚 20th

Etf2l S29- Low Solly for L i t b o y s- 3rd

Etf2l S30- Mid demofor litboys 2 - TBD


Etf2l S11- Open Demo for Real Nigga Hours (Folded)

Etf2l S12- Mid Demo for Tanzanian Hot Pocket Militia- 15th

Etf2l S13- Mid Medic for CRAZYJUNIORS CLAN-

Etf2l S14 High Medic for Dignity Zero- 6th

Etf2l S14 Mid Engie for Heroes and Zeros- 3rd

Etf2l S15 Mid Sub for OtoInstinct Clan- 5th

Etf2l S16 High Med for Kanker- TBD

UGC S22- Silver Medic for Art Of Throwing- 3rd


UGC S9- Steel demo for Toxic Brit Stack 2nd

UGC S10- Silver Medic for Toxic Brit Stack 8th (playoffs)

UGC S11- Silver Demo for Toxic Brit Stack 8th (playoffs)
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