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"To eat ass is to trancend life itself"-Black Science Man
"A meal is a meal"-Kuma
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Here's the plan. We send one Karen with a white flag and a "no-nonsense" math teacher's hair cut to the front gates and demands to speak to Area 51's manager. This is our peaceful negotiation. If they accept, we are in. If not we launch the assault. Step 2: We get our tech guys to cut off their communications. And spam there phones with instagram model bot accounts Step 3: we send the first wave of crack heads and people with deppression to soak up the bullets and trigger mines clearing path for the rest of us - 95% casualty rating Step 4: we send out all the Tylers, Daltons and anyone with confederate flag and suped up truck forward. Step 5: the remaining trucks charge forward transporting all our Kyle's who have been given monster energy drinks to enhance them. They reach the wall and begin punching their way through Step 6: We unleash the horde. They wont be able to stop us all my brothers and sisters. Step 7: Stop for icecream. Step 8: Gain entrance into the facility.