Engineer gaming   Washington, United States
855.1 hours on tf2 :spycon:
if your gonna try to scam me the why dont you leave cause im not that stupid

if you wanted to know ive been on here since 2012
i main heavy.
trade link
dont trade trash items
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its so beautiful
kennygblur10 May 6 @ 1:50pm 
also my items suck
kennygblur10 May 6 @ 1:50pm 
because of scammers trying to scam me (and failing) i am setting my profile inventory to friends only
kennygblur10 Mar 11 @ 10:36am 
oh yeah i remember
kennygblur10 Mar 11 @ 10:36am 
Jaybee Mar 8 @ 3:00pm 
i downloaded it
emilien060807 Jan 1 @ 11:11am 
Have A Good Day!