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Love is hard, sometimes   Prato, Toscana, Italy
:rainbowfart: Dunno what's going on right here... :rainbowfart:
But seriously, there's nothing to see here.
That's why I, I'm undefeated

Well... good day stranger, you're still here. I actually have no idea how you found me, unless I added or otherwise bothered you, in any case welcome!
There's not much to say about me, I'm just another regular user, gamer, writer, art & music lover, wanderer of life, lunatic human being, yadda yadda... talk to me for further details (but still, read my infobox first).
Please take a look around and don't be afraid to ask or talk... I definitely won't bite you. Well, not yet :claugh:

Steam status in a nutshell []
Sunday in a nutshell []

My status:

>Online: Feel free to chat, start a conversation or ask anything. I don't ignore any message, but if I don't respond at once, something else has stolen my attention, and I apologize.
>Online via mobile device: As above, but keep in mind that I might respond slowly or suddendly cut off the conversation, since I could be outside home.
>Away: Temporarily inactive, afk or I turned off my mobile's screen, I'll be back soon anyways.
>Busy: Doing something productive, rarely happens. And when it happens don't expect a prompt reply, if you call me.
>In game: You can call me, but it may take a while before I answer you. There is a chance I won't even notice your message, so please be patient.
>Offline: Capt. Obvious says that I closed Steam. Leave a message if needed, I'll try to respond when I get back online.

Facts about me...

- Mah birthday is on October 11th. I'm 22 but actually I can yet regenerate myself 5 times. Yeah, just kidding, I love the Doctor.
- I speak English, Italian and a bit of German.
- I can define myself as a nice, friendly and honest person despite the fact that I'm not perfect at all. Also sometimes I can be very upset and ironic, but I know when I have to be serious.
- I'm damn curious and I might ask a lot of question. However I'll always respect everyone's privacy, as to prove I'm not a stalker, lol
- I do appreciate jokes, lewd stuff and black humor. Be random with me if you like, but within certain limits.
- I am a very open minded person, thus feel free to share with me your opinions as long as it doesn't involve hatefulness or bad attitude.
- For your information I'm almost never depressed or cheerful, I just like to put moody or happy pics depending on my current mood.
- I do love making new friends, though I don't always start chats first.
- Finding my lack of comments disturbing, so I'll appreciate the posted ones
- I follow the mainstream including games, music, movies, TV series, world news, sports and everything fantasy/sci-fi/steampunk/horror/grimdark/pony related.

Love&Tolerate, give peace a chance, and learn to love the bomb.

So for now that's all, close the door and come back soon!


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If you asked to describe me, I'd say I'm "BAD HARMONY" [/ur
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In primis, se sei italiano risparmiati pure di leggere questo papiro, limitati a chiedermi in chat o nei commenti quello che desideri sapere.


Welcome, folks! Please read all the important crap text below to get a better idea about what I am. And consider in taking a look at my friendship rules, either you want to add me or you've been added by me

I'm probably the first person you'd try to get along with, or the last, depending on what values you believe in.
So yeah... While I'd love to be nice and kind with anyone, everyday I see mostly bigotry, backtalk, disrespect and injustice where I can just react with a not-so-kind attitude, that doesn't change what I've got inside. Aside from that I always tend to do my best for being a nice person. I'm respectful, kind, honest, sensitive, open to my friends and I always treat them in the same way I want to be treated. I'm usually in a positive mood, not because my life is perfect but because I don't really need to get stressed by stupid bullcrap anymore. Every person is special for me, and even behind a screen, friends of mine are never worthless numbers there just for increase friend counter. Nothing cheers me up more than talking or playing peacefully with my friends. Nothing makes my day but considering and being considered. And even if you don't agree with my opinions... well, as long as you don't act like a complete asshole, I can get over it and be friends whatsover.
Thanks for the time you spent for reading it, if you did! :cure:

I'm not currently playing a large variety of games, but don't hesitate to drop me an invite if we're both in the same game.

Da Friendship Rules

:p2orange: Basically you're free to add me, but this doesn't mean you'll be automatically added no matter what. I tend to refuse friend requests from pretty suspicious/empty profiles, or when I don't really like what I see. In order to increase your chances of being added you should post a comment with your reason, especially if your profile got few information and your Steam level is low (under 10).

:p2orange: Adds from private profiles are usually an instant refuse, unless you prove you're not a phisher and you actually wanna be friend for a reason. Same applies if your level is lower than 10 and your profile doesn't mean anything to me; give me a VERY good reason to add you or you'll be ignored.

:p2orange: If I add you, first off, it's not a "random friend request" like people might think most of times. It means that I've actually chosen to try and be your friend, always for a reason, and it’s my intention to open myself to these people as much as I can. Bear in mind that I never add people randomly so avoid considering me a random, as such. If I don't post comments before adding even though you require it, 90% of chance it's because you set the comments on friends only. Add me and I'll explain you everything <3

Notes: (wait, are you really reading the :music:notes?:music: Amazing...)

:fsrocket: Don't bother adding me for nothing more than questions, tips, roleplaying or undesired trade offers. Just post a comment asking what you want.

:fsrocket: I don't really care about the number of friends. True friends of mine will never be removed, even if we don't talk or play for a long time. But hey, I'm always here for a talk :3

:fsrocket: If we've been friends for long, please don't silently remove me, it's jerkish. Whatever it's the matter, you can still contact me to find a way to be better friends than before, don't think I'll ever ignore you. Despite this, if you really need to remove me, at least leave a comment explaining why.

:fsrocket: Do you think there's a lack of conversation here? Instead of silently removing me, go ahead first and let's shoot the breeze. I'm free to chat with friends most of times, unless I'm away, offline or in-game.


I post here the stuff I really wish to have but obviously will never get :)


- Butterfly knife, MW or FN, any skin except safari mesh
- M4A1-S Icarus Fell, FN
- Galil Chatterbox (Stattrak), FT


- Unusual Brim Full o' Bullets (Sniper)
- Unusual Professional Ushanka (Sniper)
- Strange Rifleman's Regalia
- Unusual Field Practice (any good effect)
- Stange Scorched to Hell Scattergun, FN (Scout)


- Nightvision helmet
- EMS Backpack
- M2 Flamethrower Tank
- Steampunk Gas Mask Closed | Black OR Brown

RP info

(Currently under construction, skip this if you don't care...)

Name: Crossing Harmony
Race: Pegasus
Age: 21
Gender: Male or Female, if you like R63
Orientation: Bi

If you're wondering:
- YES, info above is about my main oc.
- YES, I've got 3 more ocs.
- NO, info about all of my oc's are not completed yet.
- NO, I don't RP with strangers (and by that I mean "randoms who add people only to rp 24/7")

PLEASE NOTE: I'm open to do RP/ERP, but with close friends only and even so I rarely do the first step. There might be exceptions though, depending on my mood and how good I know you.

IRL info:

Name: No one cares actually, just ask me
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birth date: October 11th
Nationality: Italian... sadly stuck in Italy still
Occupation: Attending a course for mark&tech specialization
Orientation: Pansexual I guess
Likes: Nothing the next entry is false
Dislikes: Everything the previous entry is true
Personality: INFP [] Yeah, the outcome was never really in doubt

Aye, also I love pirates more than all else. In another life, I was a pirate for sure. Yarrr.


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