Sir Dakorty
Dakorty   Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain
:bluerose:Blaze a path towards your unending dream!:bluerose:

Even if my heart froze over,
You would always be there to hold me and tell me,
"It will be okay"

A single drop of a smile
Diffuses into happiness
I’ll accept everything, even tearful nights

You were always by my side
The sun and the moon go on shining
My strong person, rhodonite in the sun

"As long as you’re here, I won’t be afraid"

Thank you for everything...

(☭ Dakorty ☭)
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:bluerose:The two of us come together
And gaze upon the night sky, falling with snow
So tender, the warmth
Between our joined hands

Just to be with you
Only that would be enough for me
I'd never realised
Inside my suddenly-growing dreams for the immediate future

No matter what time, or what place
I'll hold onto you as tightly as I can
Even if this passion shall overwhelm all of my daily life

I believe this feeling towards you
Will have no end
I only have eyes for you alone

"No, don't go yet, just a little longer," I say, all the time
"I'll see her again right? Of course..." I'd ask myself, each time

Your silence is breaking me apart, more than I ever imagined
If there is one single wish that I'm able to make
I just want you to know that I'm sorry

This will never come true if I keep it inside
So I need to say it out, I need to make a move
Before the still-kept secret between the two of us
Will be forgotten just like that

Just to be with you only once more would be enough for me
If only we meet again, can the two of us smile together a lot more?:bluerose:
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Krashecito Jul 30 @ 7:41am 
Te la voy a poner, colorado!