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Posted: Jan 13 @ 8:23am
Updated: Jan 17 @ 5:41am

Game is balanced to always make your administration crumble. Despite making a political paradise, the game slowly makes people that align with you HATE you overtime. Form a religious paradise? Within a few terms everyone religious(which is the entire population now) hates your guts. Form a socialist paradise? Within a few terms everyone socialist(which is the entire population now) hates your guts. Form a capita- yeah you get it. Such an arbitrary and bizarre mandatory feature to have in a simulation game.

Please for the love of God Dev add an option to disable this feature, I hate it.

EDIT: So I see alot of people responding that this is working as intended. Indeed, if this game were simulating a party and not an individual ruler, I would agree 100%.
But it's not though. In this you are a single individual, never changing. No matter if you play 2 terms, 5 terms, 10 terms, etc you are the same person(hence why there is a term limit).

If persay George Washington kept being voted in and maintained the Union as well as he did for his two terms, would people have come to despise him? Absolutely not. If Lincoln hadn't been assassinated and somehow had the want and strength to remain president and kept being voted in, the Union would've always adored him and even some in the South would've been swayed with what he had planned with reconstruction. No one but a few republic/democracy diehards would've grown hatred of Lincoln for remaining in power for several terms.

Let's say you're a charismatic religious president who turns your democracy into a theocratic one, with everyone being converted to your religion and practically loving you for having alleviated all their problems... Strong military, no crime, strong economy, religious institutions empowered and no debt, with the media censored and power practically assured... You're depicted as being a strong and compassionate leader. As far as the public is concerned, you're the greatest President who has ever lived, placed there by God. There is little to no reasoning why then the people would go from loving you to unanimously magically hating you after a few more terms.

If the game REALLY wants to have people grow to dislike you overtime, there are many other ways of doing this beyond an arbitrary negative modifier that increases overtime. Such a thing should have no place in a simulation game. If you want to have autonomous movements that can form and do their own things to rally the people then sure, that would be awesome!.. But don't have something I can't counteract in anyway.
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Because Video Game May 20 @ 3:11pm 
Is anyone here actually commenting on the review?
CillaKommie4yrMommy Feb 24 @ 2:37pm 
So I can run a Commie dictatorship but not a National Socialist one ?
One has to wonder why modern society is so excepting Communism.
Tot Feb 18 @ 8:48pm 
liberals think releasing all criminals is a great idea. Disbanding our entire military is a great idea. Encouraging boys to think they're girls is a great idea, and vice versa. Using tax payer money to buy crack-pipes for drug addicts is a great idea. Teaching students to hate the USA but admire and respect our known enemies is a great idea.

Conservatives can be boring, therefore they are the best politicians. liberals are expert liars (even to themselves), therefore they are the best entertainers.
Saint Gary Feb 6 @ 1:07pm 
I mean, socialism crashing and burning is at least historically what has happened.
The other ones are weird though.
Day Feb 5 @ 8:18pm 
true, trumpies are a lost cause
Rubiks_ Feb 5 @ 7:22am 
When the republican tries to force religion on the population: THIS is the way YOU will live. It's a PARADISE! The simulation: We hate your guts. The republican pleb who wasted money on a game thinking he can live in their wet dream but instead realizes that's actually not how politics work: T-T
kevin.kolendo Feb 5 @ 5:37am 
TLDR: it’s working as intended and simulates real life politics.
flaquis010285 Jan 26 @ 3:54pm 

"To build a solid government is to understand that not everybody will like your decisions, and that is actually exactly how it should work. Not everybody was meant to like you!"

Well - that's the key for a good sense of governance and statesmanship. And to be well respected by everyone in a society, too.
Maedhros Jan 22 @ 8:40pm 
in the words of winston churchill "democracy is the worst form of government... except for all the others"
i.e.: its literally impossible to have a perfect society and for all humans to agree on a single thing, let alone everthing. IDK what you expected
L'enchanteur Encarmine Jan 20 @ 1:28am 
@Aturchomicz lmao twitter-commie