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Aug 9 @ 10:55am
In topic Bug report
Positions 2 and 3 on the german 88 field gun are bugged. See screenshot below.

I should add this was on a local training server.
Originally posted by Jesus Christ:
Originally posted by Hiltz:
Are there any optimists out there?
The fanboys, you have one right over your comment.

I was wondering how long it would take for you to make yet another helpful and interesting comment.
Are there any optimists out there?
No hoax. Look at the store page for confirmation.
Aug 6 @ 5:56am
In topic This game needs more gore!
Aug 6 @ 5:43am
In topic Refunding post
Originally posted by GS Barrelz:
Ok. On another note, its really hot outside, so i am going to wait until evening, to take the dogs for a walk.

That made me lol
Originally posted by Luftwaffles:
Signed up as it sounds promising to join an organized group. One question, do you still run a PS server outside the tournament environment?

Our servers are named:
"WORLD AT WAR'S Tournament server"
"WORLD AT WAR'S Tournament server 2".

They are dedicated servers run on a high speed SSD.

If you want to jump on and try them out please do so.
Thanks but thats not important. As long as you come and play thats the main thing. :)
Sign ups are now open for the World at War Post Scriptum campaign.
Enlist at
Play in organised battles with proper chain of command. Earn promotions and medals.

For detailed information go here:
Sign ups are now open for the WAW Post Scriptum campaign. Go to to join a division.
Jul 31 @ 11:58am
In topic Any Actually Tactical Servers?
If you like tactical organised gameplay check these guys out.
Jul 19 @ 3:36am
In topic bushes
Would you be able tio run at full speed through bushes in real life?
Jul 18 @ 10:41am
In topic If i enter game
GMT is point zero that all other timezones are based on, even British summer time which is GMT +1. GMT never changes thats why the devs used it.
Good to see some old names coming back and new ones enlisting. Should be a great campaign.
I joined this tournament many years ago and I have had some unforgettable memories playing in the epic campaigns. If you enjoy organised gameplay with a military structure you need to join up and be a part of World at Wars inaugural Post Scriptum campaign and hopefully many campaigns to follow.

Its totally free to join and play so get registered on the forums and you will be notified when enlistment starts for the Post Scriptum campaign.
Jun 13 @ 3:32am
In topic Compass difficult to see.
Any chance of making the compass clearer and easier to see?
Try a bigger monitor.
Jun 7 @ 1:16pm
In topic On Line now...
don't forget 8PM GMT is 9PM BST and 10PM EU time
Jun 6 @ 1:12pm
In topic Game release date?
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