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Personal Achievements

Field Training Officer Medal

Awarded after finishing the training

Medal of Meritorious Service

Awarded for long service (30 duties)
0 / 30

Medal of Valor

Awarded for finishing 3 duties in a row without any death or major mistakes (less than -3 reputation)
0 / 3

Community Policing Medal

Awarded for gaining 100 reputation points on one duty

Lifesaving Medal

Awarded for saving a life by giving proper first aid instructions

Safe Driving Medal

Awarded for keeping the roads safe (Resolve 50 driving reports)
0 / 50

Tactical Squad Service Medal

Awarded for special tactical skills (gather 3 police teams before shooting starts)

Advanced Certification Medal

Awarded for reaching high experience level (any team member)

Medal of Honor

Awarded for finishing the campaign

Order of Smile

Awarded for a sense of humor ;)

Exemplary Medical Service Medal

Awarded for saving 50 people by driving them to a hospital.
0 / 50

Exemplary Fire Service Medal

Awarded for resolving 50 fire or technical cases.
0 / 50

International Service Medal

Awarded for working in 15 different cities.
0 / 15

Honorary Citizenship

Complete the Single City Run

Above and Beyond

Complete the game on Expert difficulty

Perfect Time Manager

Complete a duty without overtime on Hard/Expert difficulty

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