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Helios Jul 17 @ 5:49am 
Nice 3D Chirper Prof pic :D
Trumpster81 May 26 @ 1:40am 
Can you go into Further detail on the "Achievement Enabler" for skylines? Your post was sort of good, but for the None coding type, a bit more would be helpful, I typed the sim manager string, nothing happens in to debug console...
TAEMIN B Mar 31 @ 3:39am 
Thanks! I tried to find more informations. blender and maya's beginner and so on. but I couldn't find solution so it seems impossible to make citizen for me.... anyway Thanks a lot friend.
stmSantana Mar 29 @ 3:04am 
(The following was translated from Japanese to English by Google Translate ... so it may not be accurate content):ab_japaneseflag:

I am sorry, I am using only Blender so I do not know anything about 3ds max or Maya.
There is little that I can advise you.

You should first look up Maya's beginner's how-to and step guide and learn basic operations and procedures.
(Before I even made assets in this game, I did not have any knowledge to make 3D models with Blender or animate it)

Do not use the skeleton of this game first.
First of all, it would be a good idea to get yourself knowledge to make skeletons and animate themselves.
I think that it will not take much time to search Google and read the novice guide until you understand the terms written in "Citizen Asset Editor Tutorial".
TAEMIN B Mar 28 @ 10:26am 
Thanks but I already saw it before and I couldnt anymore at step 3 Alignment so I tried to help to wise person like you :steamhappy: and I still can't anymore at step 3 Alignment. I opened the skeleton from cities: skylines folder and brought my custom model from sketchup file on 3ds max. and saved it to fbx file and opened it on autodesk maya. so I can approached step 2 of the guide. but Idk how to line up limb and skeleton... it will be good if there're video.....
stmSantana Mar 28 @ 1:17am 
Citizen Asset Editor Tutorial
I hope this is useful for you.:steamhappy: