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Personal Achievements

Happily Ever After

Obtain the secret ending.

Speed Slaughter

Defeat the final boss in ten turns or less.

Lion Brave

Defeat the final boss with Leonardo alone.

Match the Maker

Clear the game in under 40 hours.

Where Angels Fear To Tread

Defeat Saruma.

A Heart of Steel

Defeat the Iron Emperor.

The Demon Within

Defeat Dark Saint.


Learn Flame Meteor.

A Promise

Learn Astral Fire.

What Could Have Been

Learn Flare Dazzle.

Undead Hunter

Recover Ben's undead statue.

Insect Hunter

Recover Ben's insect statue.

Avian Hunter

Recover Ben's avian statue.

Machine Hunter

Recover Ben's machine statue.

Beast Hunter

Recover Ben's beast statue.

Plant Hunter

Recover Ben's plant statue.

Aquan Hunter

Recover Ben's aquan statue.

Demon Hunter

Recover Ben's demon statue.

Morph Hunter

Recover Ben's morph statue.

Reptile Hunter

Recover Ben's reptile statue.

Humanoid Hunter

Recover Ben's humanoid statue.

Statue Hunter

Return all of Ben's statues.

Meet Anya

Receive Priestess Anya's blessing.

Meet Lola

Receive Priestess Lola's blessing.

Meet Nora

Receive Priestess Nora's blessing.

Meet Yuri

Receive Priestess Yuri's blessing.

Meet Cynthia

Receive Priestess Cynthia's blessing.

Meet Gilda

Receive Priestess Gilda's blessing.

Meet Mona

Receive Priestess Mona's blessing.

Meet Vivi

Receive Priestess Vivi's blessing.

Meet Yoko

Receive Priestess Yoko's blessing.

Meet Jordine

Receive Priestess Jordine's blessing.

Meet Ella

Receive Priestess Ella's blessing.

Meet Vanessa

Receive Priestess Vanessa's blessing.

Purify Pica

Cure Pica's curse.

Treasure Hunter

Give Dimitri all eight kinds of shards, crystals, or rings.

Pearl's Patsy

Bring Ms. Pearl at least five pearls in total.

Sword of Swords

Obtain Excalibur.

Zodiac Zealot

Bring all three Relics of the Zodiac to ???.

Revenge Is Served

Recruit ???.

Mad Dash

Complete the Arean-Alavon Cross-Country Race.

Granny's Savior

Administer the Panacea Root to Granny.

Mine Cart Madness 1

Complete the switch track in Glymac Mines.

Mine Cart Madness 2

Complete the jump track in Glymac Mines.

The Legacy

Obtain the Phoenix Claws.

Let's Go Rafting!

Obtain the Raft.

The Great Mother

Meet Great-Granny.

Cinnamon's Savior

Save all of Cinnamon's pets.

Thief Catcher

Catch the thief in Ikory.

Exam Ace

Pass the exam at Reikya Academy.

The Great I Am

Obtain the Sigil of Immanuel.

Gladiatorial Glory

Win 100 consecutive battles in the Arena Challenge.