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W E L C O M E ● T O ● M Y ● S T E A M ● PROFILE

I like these videos.....

I like cats....

:first_star: Cream (Yewi) Is BAEEE~~
:first_star: Mungapuss is a fucking Doughnut
:first_star: Mangi is a social faggot
:first_star: Sphee is a wise and cocky bastard
:first_star: Zenny is a homeless kid
:first_star: Renx is a hacker and technology freak
:first_star: Alpha foxtrot cheesecake is a sneaky fucker
:first_star: Mango jam is still salty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
:first_star: Kendall22 is a shit player
:first_star: Rohan is a cringy asswipe thay gives no shits about other peoples items
:first_star: Owlenstein Von Eulen™: Is a shotgun main faggot
:first_star: Viking: MGE buddy and broke my mouse cause he is bad. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
:first_star: MuTE is lazy as fuck
:first_star: lace 24/7 on tf2

Owlenstein Von Eulen™: he doesnt notice it
Owlenstein Von Eulen™: blind fuck

"If you think of the consequences your gonna fuck up" -Bbmango

"When your girlfriend wants to meet your dad but so do you" -Manjave

SINGA: yeh, i got a train to catch. The train we rolled them with.

Capi: kpop is life
Capi: muselk makes sheep

Alpha: I have to warn you about this though
Alpha: I am drunk
Glaze: why
Alpha: Thought whiskey was coca cola

Alpha: Sneaky my arse, I always knock on the front door xD

Cream: had to prove male dominance over the female you know?

Gingercatmeow: I'm not gonna bother spychecking if you die to Pork its your fault

ClimaX^: Your a prem med and i love you blueshell :)

Blueshell killed doged (medic) with crusaders_crossbow.

Cream: look like nerds tryna be sick lads
Cream: jesus christ

Austin:I watched fifty shades darker with her last Sunday

Grizz.: My wallet is like less than 10 dollars all the time

Grizz.: My friend stepped on his phone
Grizz.: Dumbass

eighteight: whats pc
PC l Blueshell: idk man
eighteight: lol
PC l Blueshell: you console faggot now? XD
eighteight: no?
eighteight: i dont even own one
PC l Blueshell: wtf...
PC l Blueshell: what happen to it
eighteight: never had one
PC l Blueshell: Specs
CPU: Intel Core i5-6400
MOBO: Asrock B150m-Pro4
GC: MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
OS: Windows 10 pro
RAM:Corsair Vengence LPX 8GB
Seagate 2TB harddrive
Thermaltake Versa N26 Window Mid Tower
Acer K242HL 24in led monitor
CmStorm Octane Keyboard mouse combo
Large Logitech mousepad
Logitech G430 headset4
eighteight: what
eighteight: thats my pc
PC l Blueshell: but you dont have one
PC l Blueshell: you no make sense clr
eighteight: dont have what
PC l Blueshell: XD
PC l Blueshell: this is such a mess
eighteight: i asked what pc is be ur name mong
PC l Blueshell: OH

The Wanderer: with good pc specs
The Wanderer: PC Specs:

Graphics card: Ditto 1996 Pokemon Trading Card.
Processor: A Carrot.
RAM: 420 KB of RAM.
Motherboard: An old wash board my mum used to use.
Case: My Barbie Lunch Box from Kindergarten.

MuTE: Where do you work?
Blueshell: Fish and chipss!
MuTE: Is that a friends or a family? Cause i dont see anyone giving you a job. :')
Blueshell: ...

Lace: The key to tf2 6s is MGE and know the 6s concept. Fuck Game sense you dont need that shit!!

Blueshell: im just bored at school lmfao
Lazz lft hl: go talk to ur crush
Lazz lft hl: and show her some airshots
Lazz lft hl: she will get wet
Blueshell: XDDDD
Blueshell: will do
Lazz lft hl: 5 minutes into tf2 and chill
Lazz lft hl: she says
Lazz lft hl: airshot me WITH UR CUM I WILL BE PREDICTABLE
Blueshell: your an idiot
Lazz lft hl: probably

***Talking about girls***
Cream Cheeks: i'd be fkin blessed if i was that cat

Cream Cheeks: i'm not your hyundai i20 toyota prius driver

Cream Cheeks: "IT'S TOO FAR IN CREAM SENPAI" 8^)

***vivi gets air-headshot***
*DEAD* Boo : shit. ns
*DEAD* v² : fuck you

V²: lol
V²: soz
V²: our med came back from camp
Synon: lel
Synon: the jews didnt though

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Meti Dec 24, 2019 @ 2:46pm 
Merry Christmas 2019 🎄
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