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Jun 22 @ 1:59pm
In topic Finished the story so far
This game has a *lot* of potential. I very much like what has been done so far. I very much like the combination of dice and text based RPG with space combat and loot. Now that I have finished the currently incomplete quest chain, there is no re-playability with what is left. The random and radiant quests are very shallow and thin. And now that I have a fully upgraded battleship and crew the minor skirmishes from the random encounters are absolutely no challenge. The attacks are now always grossly weak compared to my vessel. Need more enemies. Need stronger enemies to scale up to the player level. I loved the game until the quest chain ended.
I can provide my saved game to the developers if they need it, but I think I can describe the problem sufficiently.

I surveyed an anomaly and the reward was that nanobots or some such thing completed the current planetary construction project on a nearby planet. That nearby planet had one thing in its production queue: Aid Research (Repeat). This anomaly reward got in a loop where it would and still will complete Aid Research (Repeat) endlessly. I can choose to end the turn, or remove the production order to end the cycle. Selecting another item on the map for focus puts the loop on pause, but if I re-select the affected planet, I can just keep going back to the Research tree and complete every single technology one after the other all in the same turn.
Sep 23, 2018 @ 3:12pm
In topic Last minute buying jitters
Originally posted by Tiny Trees:
That's good advice. I have been forgetting that I can use blueprints, I think to make weapons, or modules.

I run with the Pulse Laser and Gattling always anyway. It's the upgrades, power-ups, and modules that make all the difference.

Swap out the pulse laser for a beam laser when you get the chance. And the gatling is good, but there are much better weapons to be found, but of course it's quite random. And use your gathered resources to upgrade weapons and shields, etc when you find blueprints that allow the upgrades.
Sep 23, 2018 @ 2:25pm
In topic Last minute buying jitters
At first I was worried that I had bought a game I would regret. You die a lot, and fairly quickly early on. But after a few times playing through, you become a better player, as well as the gradual upgrading of your character and ship stats after each run, and then each run becomes longer and more fun. And you start discovering a lot more content in the game than at first it seems. But it is still quite frustrating when you find an awesome new weapon, only to inevitably die and lose it. Finding tech blueprints is much more exciting, so that you can then craft that new tech on future runs.
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