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Jul 13 @ 9:50am
In topic i know this isn't the right place but...
Originally posted by Forsaken Falcon:
when its meant to be in the "future on the moon" from the stay/night time line? ><
It isn't the F/SN timeline, it's another different timeline.
Jul 4 @ 1:37pm
In topic New Weapons or Way to Improve Weapons?
the weapons are static the damage done upgrades with levelling up/applying items named "skills" to your servant.
Jun 30 @ 10:01am
In topic No Linux? You are losing customers.
eh considering that both spike chunsoft and NISA released their first games on linux and mac and then started to release games on windows only... no they probably aren't losing thousand of curstomers.
Will this version of the game have the switch enhancements? Namely:

- live2D animation
- new scenario content
- new theme song

or will it be an inferior version? (I also read you removed some bad endings?)
Feb 20 @ 11:45am
In topic PC controller
well that's the first time I've seen that controller, it behaves like a 360 controller iirc? I would suggest to try to enable the Steam controller settings (or disable them if you have them enabled, maybe they're interfering), if that still doesn't work, I unluckily don't have that controller, so I cannot try, I suppose you might have to look for a program to fix your issue.
Feb 19 @ 2:43pm
In topic PC controller
what is your controller? Logitech? if so which kind? something else?
Feb 18 @ 4:23am
In topic Gamepad is no longer being deteced.
did you enable the steam controller "xbox configuration support" setting? If so try to disable that, as it's probably messing with the game native support.
Feb 17 @ 1:14am
In topic How is the localization?
Originally posted by Mordeth Kai:
Was anything sanitized?
Originally posted by Lecorbak:
Is Fate/Extella Link going to be a sequel of Fate/Extella, or an upgraded version of Fate/Extella with bonuses ?

if this is going to be a sequel, will it come to PC ?
if not, will it come to PC, either as a DLC or another full game ?

I really want to play Fate/Extella with Astolfo as this is one of my fav character ever in fate (with artoria, illya and kuro), but I can't afford to buy a PS4 just for this one game, and I will not, so I'm asking for those infos to take some decisions, I don't want to buy the game twice or something.


1) It's a sequel/side-story kind of thing (from what we know), what that means is up to anyone guess, you should wait till the game is out at least in Japan for someone to give you a decent answer.

2) It's TOO EARLY TO ASK THIS. First of all the game hasn't even been announced for the west on consoles, and >>IF<< they'll port it to PC my guess is they'd do it later like the first game

This is very much premature tough, we could start speculating after they announce a western version (if they do, my guess is they will), right now we don't even know what the game actually is, so my suggestion is to enjoy your journey through extra/extella for now.
Jan 2 @ 6:11am
In topic Few questions before buying :v
Originally posted by Mblades:
if i remember the other games are more like turn based/visual novel stuff where as this is more like dynasty warriors style (in terms of gameplay).

it was rock-paper-scissors kind of gameplay (you select abilities and if your enemy selects a counter you get damaged, if you select properly you do damage, kinda explained in a simplicistic way, but you get the idea).
Jan 1 @ 11:38am
In topic Few questions before buying :v
As the poster above me said there is a prequel, but I wouldn't call it "necessary" to understand what is going on, the game already tells you what supposedly happened before the game started and the "prequel" ending is not canon to extella anyway, Extella starts off a different timeline than Extra. Extra is a good way to get aquainted with Extella but again I wouldn't call it necessary for the reasons I put in the spoiler tag, you just won't get a couple of minor references.
However if you have no prior knowledge of the fate franchise (i.e. servants, summons, masters etc.) then yes, Extra isn't only suggested but required I would say.
This is the first chapter and applying the free patch on the JAST usa website you add the remaining chapters.
This has no ties to the VN (except being a part of the Fate franchise) and the game does a decent job at telling you what "happened before" (and by way the fate extra ending isn't even canon to extella so it doesn't matter if you played that game, and CCC is its own thing)
Dec 20, 2017 @ 3:20am
In topic Will light release its other VNs?
Maybe? apparently light was satifised with the game sales already a bit after launching on Steam
Dec 11, 2017 @ 10:56am
In topic All Ages Version?
yes they'll have a free patch on their website, all mangagamer games following the release of dal segno will get a patch, it's their new policy, however they cannot talk about it on steam forums, this is a new policy by valve, normal users can freely talk about it though.

as for older games like cho dengeki stryker and such we don't know, but new games will get a patch
glad I could help
Dec 9, 2017 @ 1:41pm
In topic Bundle with the sequel?
I'd really love them bundling the games since I still haven't bought the other Zwei
Hi, something similar happened to me as well but while using an Xbox controller

First of all by quickly messing around with my DS4 I can tell you the game seems to support it natively, although it seems to use square to confirm and X to to go "back" so maybe you want try to use it as "is" instead of using DS4windows (to reduce any interference, although up to you I guess)

Now, I don't think that will solve your problem because my game kept crashing while using an Xbox controller natively as well, however I avoided incurring in the crash by using the mouse to start up the game (controller plugged in), load my save and then when I'm in the game starting using the controller
Dec 2, 2017 @ 9:03am
In topic studio name
Dec 1, 2017 @ 1:46pm
In topic Having trouble with DualShock 4
tried to disable steam controller support for the DS4? usually that's the cause.
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