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NOTE: This review is based off of my expierience with the game, I will not be referring to any server or any user in this review, I am not against anyone whatsoever. This is overall my opinion of what I thought of the game overall, this will be the longest review I will ever do.

First I would like to say that Valve has done an excellent job at developing their games and making their commuinity statisfied. So why do I not recommend Team Fortress 2? Well the gameplay itself is fun and enjoyable, the community itself is not.

My Expierence With the Gameplay
After waiting nearly 7 hours of installing the game on my brand new computer I was finally ready to play what players and critics call "The Greatest FPS Game Ever Made!" I loaded up the game, I was given the option to play the training section and know how to play the game, I realized that this is was not going to be the best part of the game, but I just had to know how to play. After completing the training section of the game I connected to a community server, I jumped into the game being a newbie, I admit I did not do very well at the start, but I had some potential of getting better each time I played the game. Some of the players I work with would tend to get angry because I was not doing so well, I simply ignored and found some strats with the different classes in the game and eventually got better. I played almost everyday because I felt so addicted to the game and the different game modes it had to offer.

I noticed that other players I was playing with had better items than me, so I asked how they got those so called "Unusual" items, they said to me that they traded for it, they also said that I could unbox those items, but they warned me that it was extremely rare that I could unbox it. I took their word of advice and I started to look for players who were willing to sell their items to other players, and that is where my expierence with trading comes in, the worst feature in the entire game.

My Expierience With Trading
I searched for a handful of servers to get me started with trading with other users. I eventually found a server to trade on, I looked in chat to see what other users were selling, most of them were selling normal items like weapons, hats, and other items. I noticed that players were also showing a price tag next to their items they were selling, they were selling items that cost like 1.33 refined metal, or 5.66 keys, I got confused on what this meant. I asked around the server to figure out what this so called "Pricing System" meant, players on the server responded by saying "Wut? You don't know what that means?" or "Is this guy a noob or something?", I obviously was not going to get the answer that I wanted, but of course I cannot get everything that I want. Some players advised me on what website to go to (not mentioning the name), so I took their word of advice and I looked online, the website apparently prices every single item in the game. I was shocked to find out that this website manipulates users into getting other players into listening to their stupid pricing system. So I browsed the website to look for the answer I wanted, I never found the answer that I wanted to hear. So at this point I began to ask to myself, why are players being forced to use this website to actually sell their items they want to get rid of from their backpack? I mean it's a good idea to prevent players from overpricing their items, but what is the entire point of trading if you cannot sell your items at your own prices? But wait! This website even overprices their items they list! For example, there is a hat in the game that costs 300 earbuds, if you don't know what earbuds are, they are a way to pay for items, these "earbuds" costs $60 USD, so do 300 X 60, that equals $18,000 USD, why would anyone pay that much money if it really does not mean anything besides gaining fame? Feels more like a game that rich people would play only to be amongst the wealthy. As I said, it sounds like a good idea, but it just does not work, this website overprices items that thieves and scammers will go after and attempt to steal from other players who are in possesion of those items.
Speaking of scammers and thieves, they are EVERYWHERE IN THIS GAME!!!!! Whether it is a game server, idle server, or trade server, there will always be a player who has had a past history of stealing from other players. The higher the value of an item, the more likely chance you will be added by a random person who will either A. Try to buy it off of you for a fair price. B. Will try and steal it from you. C. Will send you a random fake link to a fake website that will hijack your account (I have had countless users trying to hijack my account because I have an unusual in my backpack, I still get random friend requests even though I don't play the game anymore). so yes, they are EVERYWHERE!!
The good thing about trading is you never know what you might get from other players if you agree to pay their price!

I would also like to mention I was a moderator on a trade server at one point in the game, I was a regular on this server, I often assisted with helping the staff catching rule breakers or someone who has had a past history with stealing from other players. They recommended for me to apply to work for their server, I agreed to apply for their server, I went on the official website for the server that they run and wrote my application to work for the server. I waited about 2 weeks for an answer, the owner of the server added me via Steam, he gave me the news that I got the position of a moderator. I said in my application that I had not been a part of a staff team anywhere else before the one I applied for, I figured that they would train me to learn how to be a good moderator, someone who can be an expert at knowing what to do, but nope! They instead threw me in without any training at all and NOT advising me what to do and what not to do, they did however how to use the console commands that the server had provided, I did not know what most of them did or did not know what each of them did. About 2 weeks later I was called into TeamSpeak (I actually had to this program on my computer) the staff was talking about how they were changing rules and that they were denying any sort of appeal from a specific website that does not exist anymore. After the meeting was over I was told to deny any existing appeal on the forums, I was told by an admin to do this action, I did what he told me and I posted on the forum posts, after I posted on the forums posts, the admin denied all of the posts. So a few days go by and I log back on my Steam account, I noticed a message that was sent to me by another staff member, he gave me a link to one of the appeals I was told to post on, I read that the person who was one of the people that I was told to post on tried to sue the server and website all together, so a few of the other staff members kept sending me messages blaming me for this entire thing when I was only doing what another adminstrator told me to do. So after this I decided to get off of my Steam account for an entire year, not knowing what was happening, I just did not decide to care anymore and left for good. I have never seen such a terrible server not giving a crap about their server and the way they treat their other staff members like this.

Final Opinion
So that is my opinion of Team Fortress 2, I know that there maybe some things I went way too hard on, but this is my expierence and what I went through while playing this game. The game is good itself, has a lot of effort that was but into the game, but the trade system is what destorys it from being a completly normal game, a majority of this game is just a cash grab, it seems that the message is: Have the most expensive item in the entire game and you win.

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