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A list with all the TF2 Youtubers!

We started a discord cause of the popularity, it'll be very easy for you to browse through videos filtered by types of content.

I'm contacting all of the youtubers to post their content into the discord, so you g
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''Unusual Team Captain - Burning Flames'' ~SexySparta 2019
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FARK0N Sep 17 @ 12:34am 
max_animation Sep 12 @ 7:26am 
can you sell me my taunts Flippin' Awesome ,Square Dance ,Schadenfreude , Battin' a Thousand
YuuY mann |trade.tf Sep 11 @ 9:46pm 
Could I be friends with you?
Subliminal Siren Sep 9 @ 1:39pm 
Wanted to buy something directly from one of your bots.
anonimo Sep 5 @ 3:31pm 
I want to sell my backpack to pay for my studies I hope you accept the request:lev:
Blunt Force Trauma Sep 2 @ 11:19pm 
I'm back. We have just entered the autumn of 2021 where the cold will cover us and we will spend more time in homes. We will have more time to play our favorite titles. Thank you all for the support, advice, ideas and pleasant moments spent in the games. I wish you a pleasant autumn, a pleasant gaming season and let's not forget to become better and better.
LOVE from Blunt Force Trauma