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You can find my classifieds link in the one below.

My prices are always negotiable (unless stated otherwise), especially if you have pure.
I will always try my best to work out a deal with you if you have made me an offer.

Feel free to add me to trade, but please comment below beforehand.
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Not for sale <3

I DO HAVE A SECOND ACCOUNT: The link for that profile is here- Crummy's Burgers' Refrigerator. Likewise, the link to this account will be found on that profile to prevent any scams. Make sure you're dealing with the correct account.

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Every unusual owned, almost. (From 2015 onwards):
-Bolts Liquidators Lid (My first unusual, no idea where it is these days D:)
-Stormy Pugilists
-Planets Safe n sound
-Lantern Coppers Hard Top
-Presidents Robo Capotain
-Terror Gridiron Guardian
-DBD Ketche
-Miami Gym Rat
-KaW Sober Stuntsman
-Bubbling Pith Helmet (Had Chromatic and CGFP)
-P.Fetti Dixie
-Bolts Fuka
-Aces Noble
-Stormy Ketche
(Working progress, continue from 2015-09-12)

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I rarely EVER do trade backs, unless you're willing to compensate me for the profit I would have made from our trade. However, if it is clear you made a mistake with the trade- and I didn't either decline or notice beforehand, feel free to hmu and we can see that you get that mistake reversed.

Direction and Magnitude. Oh yeah!

Here comes the sun DuDuDuDu

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Bought this game to play with a few friends.
Granted, I only have 11 hours at the time of writing this and my opinion may be based off of inexperience or ignorance, but as of right now, I cannot see myself sinking much more time into this game based on my current experience.

I am someone who enjoys simple games. I have grown up playing games like CSGO and TF2, where you can pretty much go into a game and play- without many complex mechanisms like games in that genre such as R6 and Valorant (Although valorant is a game that I have recently begun playing with the same group of friends, and found quite enjoyable)

This game is not simple at all.
Like I mentioned, I bought this game to play with friends. As a result of this, you instantly unlock, or have access too, the full range of perks.
There are 6 pages worth. 6 pages worth of perks and abilities to read through, which alter the gameplay in various ways. I simply do not WANT to read through that many perks and THEN comes the task of experimenting with different variations of perks. There are a lot of possible variations.
This applies to both the killer and the survivors. Each have a relatively equal number of different perks.

Amongst us, (hehe), we commonly find the killer winning. On top of the perks, there are many different killers with different abilities (some of which you have to pay for).
I am all for adding content to a game, in order to keep it interesting, relevant and to maintain a loyal fanbase HOWEVER I find the abilities and perks of the killer, regardless of which one you choose, come across as a huge crutch.
Some particular highlights to me are:
- The killer having 60-75 throwable knives (on top of their regular melee weapon).
- The killer being able to see whenever you heal.
- The killer being SIGNIFICANTLY faster than you.
- The killer being able to hide their danger radius (meaning that you cannot detect when they are nearby you).
- The killer being able to see any survivors in a wide radius, after hitting another survivor once.
- The killer can track you when you're bleeding (after they've hit you once, OR when you come off of the hook)- particularly powerful given that they can see you when healing if they choose.
There are other instances which are, in my opinion, not fun to fight against, but these are the ones that come to mind at this moment whilst writing this.

As someone who loves to play games with friends, and doesn't really enjoy solo experiences, when jumping into this game with friends who are far more experienced, and are able to take full advantage of the things I mentioned above, it makes for a very boring, miserable and tedious gameplay experience in my opinion.
I think this game would greatly benefit from being more simple. I really enjoy the concept of the survivors trying to outlive the constant threat of the hunter, but I don't think it is executed as well as it could be with the complexity and level of variation that this game introduces.

I love the aesthetic of the game.
The characters, particularly the hunters, have some incredibly detailed models.
I also enjoy the use of ambient sounds, and various tones of music throughout the gameplay which significantly boost, and create, an amazing atmosphere for a game like this.

Very first impressions of this game were high, it's a great looking game, runs well, and is a great way to have a more interactive 'horror' game experience to play with friends, when compared to something like Phasmophobia and Devour, as you are playing AGAINST friends.
However, after playing it consistently for the past few days- I have become sick of the gameplay that this game encourages.

Like I said at the beginning of this review, I am still relatively inexperienced, but after around 12 hours, I feel justified in sharing my opinion. Who knows, it may change in the future, but for now, this is how I feel- and I don't see that changing soon.

Ultimately, my opinion is that this game has great potential, however, it is being held back due to a vast number of complex mechanics and abilities and perks which, in my eyes, are just a 'crutch', making in far less enjoyable to play, even with friends, than it could be.
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