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I don't trade, don't add me for that. I'm not on steam much, if you need something put it in comments, but I am unlikely to accept adds so you're better off PMing me on backpack.tf or steamrep forums. Alternatively, you can join the bptf discord, link below.

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Ninja 21 hours ago 
Heya! I wrote to you on SteamREP Forum (Nickname is: Draw). Would be great if you could have a look. Topic: Contact / Request (Possibility for SteamLadder Staff to have an e.g. "SL Admin"-Tag on SteamREP?)

If you want to talk via Steam, no problem, just add me. :funnycube:
Teeny Tiny Cat Jun 25 @ 2:06pm 
You're better off PMing Sin or a report mod, though
Teeny Tiny Cat Jun 25 @ 1:59pm 
What my profile moderator said.
sURZ 🐧 Jun 24 @ 9:09pm 
You should send a PM to the admins on the Forums or on their discord.
Teeny is not too active here.
Onion Jun 21 @ 7:40pm 
Hi Umm I was wondering how I could go about clearing my ban on bp.tf its been 4 years and ive grown and changed alot but you locked my appeal cause I was a smart ♥♥♥ and Im sorry idk if you remember me but I really just want a chance to redo my appeal if thats possible
Teeny Tiny Cat Jun 16 @ 12:16pm