Madelyn! Serious' forever partne
Icy: lmao I just nearly choked on a ruffle

Icy: like it made me dizzy like omg thats too big

Serious: do you wanna see my final form?

koth_Icy:if you wanna
my mouth hurts xd

Stephen: eat meat and beat meat

cat: i don't wanna be smacked by some dude's meat

Icy: i've become a pro at swallowing

Madelyn: they're ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ closed stephen lick my strawberry nuts

Stephen: my stomach and my mouth still hurts from that. its just like too much spice on your tongue

im stuck in a rut:
kindergardeners with tentacles
i gotcha
pretty specific chris

Smooth Brained Chimp:
what can i say
i know what i like
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vaxus Feb 5 @ 1:52am 
I have been unfairly banned from Tf2center for "inappropiate offclassing" and "le toucan spam".
Offclassing-Our medic offclassed once and our scout offclassed to fulltime engie, terry crews was in our lobby and said he'd be banning us. I got banned as well, even though I only offclassed for a total of 3 minutes (3 lives).
Le Toucan-I put the le toucan chat message in chat and was warned not to do it again and I apologized and I didn't do it. Later on, someone asked what everyone was doing to anger the admins, and I said "le toucan has arrived". I was promptly banned for answering the guy's question.

put #unbanmadi2015 in your name