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Kingsman May 28 @ 8:09am 
Hey COLA, I wanted to bring this to your attention, but I'm pretty certain a game studio (Studio FOW) has stolen your ship designs
Rainmaker May 18 @ 8:40am 
COLA May 17 @ 4:38am 
Rainmaker May 17 @ 1:44am 
こんにちは。StellarisのAdditional Traits Mod最新版(2.7.*)の日本語化パッチを作成中なのですが、COLAさんが作成された日本語化パッチをベースに使わせて頂いてもよろしいでしょうか?
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Feb 5 @ 11:58pm 
Hello, krugane ships are very nice so I would ask. Is there possible to make capital ships more realistic hardpoint wise ? Battle ships today do not have like 6 hardpoints, they have 4-6 batteries of 2, 3 main guns, 20-30 low calibre AA, 10-20 med class AA, about 10 high calibre AA. can mod be made to make capital ships like RL cruisers and battleships with more hardpoints for all weapon types so lets say one would create missile cruiser ?? thank you for ur work, keep it real.
Adieuk Jan 16 @ 7:41am 
Hope you don't mind I've named my empire after the KUROGANE mod and called them
The Divine Kurogane Tribunal

Ruled by High Inquisitor Katarinya Greyfax
Appearance: Humanoid
Species: Kurogane (Plural Kuroganes) (Adjective Kuroganan)
Traits: Natural Sociologists, Quick learners, Ingenious, Intelligent, Traditional, Talented
Authority: Oligarchic
Ethic Points: Fanatic Spiritualist, Xenophile, Industrialist, Militarist
Civics: Divine Circle, Exalted Priesthood, Machine Cult, Imperialism