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Danny/ Thanatos/ RyuuO?/ Mr. Lonely//911   Armagh, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
As war ends for me, I have no regrets.
I've seen too much horror. I hope fate has been merciful to you. Our time on Earth is brief. Mine has been filled with so much joy, I can only be thankful for how much I've been blessed. Most specially, for the wonder you brought into my life.

This letter will be my last. I have been found guilty by a military court for a death of an officer. It was not my intention to kill him. War makes men mad. And though I failed them, I know my sacrifice will not have been in vain. I fought for my country and liberty. My honour is assured.

Since it is the will of God to separate men on Earth, I hope we will meet again in heaven.
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Sad is the tavern of ex-murderers
Don't let them haunt you, when you enter it -
The eyes of murderers flaming in the dark

Unimportant is the dangerous frown on the face,
Murderers have golden hearts.
Bands, armies, gangs, and Black Hundreds,
Yesterday - knights, today - jobless.

Emptiness and chill blows around the corners,
An old murderer cleans glass off the bar,
The jukebox plays sorrowful pieces,
Murderers sitting, breaking matches.

Sometimes a foreign face appears - and disappears,
In a moment someone will pull themselves up from the table,
Return tomorrow with a dull expression,
Curse life, put down a bottle.

Everyone quickly crowds around him,
In a circle above the glasses eyes flash
and everyone starts to feel better:
Someone still needs murderers!

Maybe finally one morning
Once again a great fight will begin
And desire worthy days will return
When they'll be paying for pleasures.

Once again in hand, instead of a flat bottle,
Well known shape of a parabellum stock.
In the tip of the finger vibrates secretly,
Like a tingle: here's death, here's life...

Come back, sweet hours of fame,
Famous chases and fusillades.
That's the only way to be young again:
To kill - and proudly await reward.

In the tavern of murderers we're biting nails,
Desires sadden us, and dreams of fighting.
But who today trusts murderers? -
So silver bullets sleep in black barrels.

Blurring the colours of forests and fields,
flies the baloon of the night with the tavern's gondola.
Once so bright, and today so dark -
I don't see the enemy, the enemy in front of me.

Head hurts from alcoholic tortures,
But amongst porcelain and nickel pipes
A man again feels like a half-god,
Because here he stands face to face with the enemy.

A bullet like a silver viper will jump out,
In the mirror above the sink eyes will fade,
The foreheads of murderers are splattered by sweat,
And in silence they carry the body through the door...
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