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Posted: Nov 21, 2017 @ 12:37pm
Updated: Nov 21, 2017 @ 12:55pm

  • The game looks beautiful. The map gives you a very alien-world-colony type of feel.
  • I love the attention to detail in the world map. Doodads, plants, rocks, sky-map, the horizon looks gorgeous. I love the freedom of control you can have with camera angles. Because of this I usually play the game at an angle slanted downwards. Very pretty.

  • Not overly complicated and exhausting. I played Cities: Skylines and loved it but after downloading tons of mods and assets, the game started to feel tedious and i end up abandoning my city
  • This game is similar to Tropico 5 with its story and quests to guide and give you rewards throughout your game.
  • I prefer to go it slow with city building games. I only have 10 hours to this game and have yet to build the higher tier structures. There is also the Mill and Chemical Plant (produces goods that can be used to give bonus to your colony) that i haven't played around with yet.

Other comments
  • I have yet to read the hotkeys, perhaps there is a faster/better way to manage my craftable resources.
  • Looking forward to the content drops. Developers seem to be in it for the long run. Can't wait for new structures, QoL updates, etc
  • (i'm only at the 2nd mission of the campaign and i know there's other things to do/unlock but so far...)
  • Shard storms are like hail and will damage your structures. I like the ability to build turrets and watch them light up the sky when the storms hit
  • Floating pests that attach to structures. I've only been attacked twice. They werent a big problem but i thought the idea was cool.
  • Looking forward to toxic gas attack. I read you can use your wind turbines to blow them away. Neat.

  • Graphics are excellent,
  • Love the sci-fi alien world theme
  • Diverse Flora. Would've been nice to see more land animals. Flying animals look gorgeous!
  • Beautiful skymap/backdrop
  • Simple/not overly complicated gameplay
  • Perfect for me who love city building games but don't want to be overhwelmed by mechanics

As a fan of Tropico and Alien-world Sci-Fi themed games, I am thoroughly enjoying this game and I feel my $ was well spent.
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