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Best Snake Game Ever Made? Nerm the Worm? You Decide!

ALso check out my Indie Action Retro Game "Poggers" on Steam here:

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I have created several very affordable retro indie games which are available right here on Steam: Check out my ZaxtorGames indie games HERE:

There might be lots of Zacks, but there is only one "Zax" =)

Please do not add me on Steam if I have no clue who you are. I will just ignore or block you. Thanks!

Boosted at DbD.. Undiscovered YouTube Content Creator...
Hello there! My name is Zack and don't go thinking I was born in 1999 because of my name. I am definitely not in my 20's haha. I have a teenage son and have been a gamer almost my entire life since being a young kid in the early 1980s.

Here's a few tidbits about me... (1) I'm boosted AF at one of my favorite games of all time in Dead By Daylight, but I have fun with it (2) I'm a self taught and new self publishing game developer. Currently using GameMaker, but plans to move to the Godot engine (3) I'm passionate about indie games and try and showcase great indie gems from all the asset flips and utter trash on Steam. ..Give my Youtube channel a look as it has over 3,000 videos now with a wide assortment of content!
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Everyone has a role to play May 2 @ 12:07pm 
Hey if you ever want to Team up, I am a owner of a couple Tech companies, and am also looking to get into game design, etc.
BirdyDragon Mar 19 @ 7:59pm 
Your work is absolutely awesome. Keep going, thank you for the reviews.
punkguy0017 Mar 8 @ 8:53am 
Hi can u do a video on iron survival plz I like seeing yer vids remnants is fun af
Ruthlessguy21 Feb 26 @ 12:38pm 
Have a nice day! ;)
sesoras Feb 7 @ 5:35pm 
zaxtor is a nub
Blue Jan 23 @ 3:40am 
Hatch is near the main building by a campfire