Just released the latest video featuring the residents of Old Hroldan Town, 'Old Hroldan Investigation'. A team of researchers has arrived in Old Hroldan to investigate whether the town is actually haunted. Check out what happened on my Videos here on Steam.
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phyllsmith Jun 15 @ 2:40am 
I really love your mods. It is so frustrating to go wandering in a dungeon all day just to come home to a place that feels like one. I never role played much because of this but now with your lovely mods, I spend as much time in my homes as I can. Now if someone would just make a mod so I can change the color of my weapon plagues to lose that awful reddish brown. Always hoping to see what you come up with next. Thanks again.
Shezrie Feb 4 @ 5:06am 
Speckledguar!! :steamhappy: So good to hear from you!

With so long away you have some seriously good gaming to catch up on, definitely need to play Fallout 4 and Skyrim. I didn't particularly get into Fallout 3, but Fallout 4 with it's settlement building and in particular it's Survival mode has made me a serious fan of the game for playing and modding. I haven't gone into Window 10 myself, will stick with Windows 7 as long as possible so don't know too much about modding on Windows 10, I have heard that it is just a bit of a different setup and after that all is good.

I don't do Facebook either, for me I just really don't like the possible privacy issues there. Possibly an irrational concern, but one that served me very well a few years back.

I am sorry to hear about your health problems, I hope things get better for you. Been having a few issues on that myself. It is awesome to see you back though and I hope that you will feel inspired to mod again. :)

Take care,
Speckledguar Feb 3 @ 6:07pm 
Hello. Jason (speckledguar) from Minnestoa here. After a 5/6 yr without a computer other than a junkie old laptop I finially bit the bullet and bought a new gaming desktop several days ago. Only realizing I have no idea how to mod in a windows 10 environment. Life is going ok other wise. Still working at my library/campus. Since I last talked to you my health has gone into the toilet with autoimmunie conditions. Other than that. .. Hope you're well. I've not heard from anyone else. I quite facebook years ago, but am on instagram jasonpladd.
Shezrie Jan 22 @ 3:31pm 
Hi Feek, it is wonderful to hear from you! :)

It is great to hear that you are doing well, are still around, and brilliant to hear that you are now in IT and that the modding community had such an effect. As for me, I am not around as much as before and rarely on Steam. But still hang around Nexus quite a bit and am still making the odd mod and even comedy videos using modding.

I remember those great days back at the start of ORE, we had such a great group of people there and you were all such talented modders. I heard from Mindfeeder and Phaedra about a year ago and they are doing well. Haven't heard anything from Bond at all which is a shame. I see Princess Stomper on the Bethesda Forums occasionally.

If you do come across that screenshot, I would love to see it please. I lost my old computer and everything on it from the website and forum.

Perhaps the next Elder Scrolls game (if it ever gets here) will draw everyone back and we can have an ORE reunion.

Take care,
feek.404 Jan 17 @ 2:55pm 
Hi Shezrie, glad to see you around in the community, still creating kickass content no less! I remember the beginnings of the ORE forum, that was a load of fun we had there... I think I might even have a screenshot somewhere when the forum had only around 50 members like yourself, Mindfeeder, mr. Bond or Princess Stomper? With the old green or pink layout. :-)

Never got to thank you properly for your work on the site(s) and as a forum admin. I was a teenager back then, those days are long gone now and I'm in a very different phase of life, but it's safe to say that the modding community and specifically your platform had an effect on me opting to pursue a career in IT. Some of the general skills I learned as a humble after-school house modder I use daily to this day. Thank you for everything once again and have a great day!

Antares Aug 25, 2017 @ 1:04pm 
no problem, I have'nt had time for Skyrim- fun myself. My very real garden -besides life in general- keeps me very busy!
Thankyou very much for the BYOH codes and the Dark Fox link. Something to look forward to on dark winter eavenings.
lots of fun and many thanks.