Martin   Western Cape, South Africa
Mostly play TF2 and main Medic

Really like (and trade with) Professional Killstreak Items
Current professional collection (39):
Strange High Roller's Medi Gun, Strange Kritzkrieg, Strange Quick-Fix, Strange Vaccinator, Strange Horror Holiday Crusader's Crossbow, Strange Ubersaw, Strange Overdose,
Strange High Roller's Rocket Launcher, Strange Bank Rolled Black Box, Strange Cow Mangler, Strange Pumpkin Bombs Liberty Launcher, Strange Escape Plan,
Strange Double Spelled Gold Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher, Strange Quack Canvassed Iron Bomber, Strange Quickiebomb Launcher, Strange Splendid Screen,
Strange Halloween Fire Rust Botkiller Flame Thrower, Strange Exorcism Phlogistinator, Strange Backburner, Strange Scorch Shot, Strange Homewrecker,
Strange Exorcism Silver Botkiller Minigun, Strange Brass Beast, Strange Natascha, Strange Gloves of Running Urgently,
Strange Exorcism Force-A-Nature, Strange Fan O'War, Strange Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol,
Strange Sydney Sleeper,
Strange Macabre Web Wrench, Vintage Exorcism Gunslinger,
Strange Stabbed to Hell Knife, Strange Top Shelf Revolver, Strange Exorcism Spy-cicle, Strange L'Etranger, Strange Diamondback,
Strange Iron Wood Panic Attack, Strange Backwoods Boomstick Shotgun and Genuine Exorcism Ham

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Selling some nice stuff, add me to discuss if needed.

Looking to cash out a 'small' sum (~R800) of Steam funds / tf2 keys for buying new mouse :). Can provide 10% discount on funds for EFT

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30 Killstreak and still godlike!
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