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Lava Jun 18 @ 11:57pm 
I have received your message via SteamRep forums.
Taygete Jun 18 @ 11:50pm 
Okay, in a moment.
Lava Jun 18 @ 11:49pm 
If you need to keep it private, you can DM me here: https://forums.steamrep.com/members/lava.13884/
I don't accept unsolicited friend requests from people I don't know.
Taygete Jun 18 @ 11:46pm 
That's why i added you because i don't wanna discuss it in chat.
Lava Jun 18 @ 11:43pm 
Then what is your question?
Taygete Jun 18 @ 11:41pm 
I dont have neither of these two questions.
Lava Jun 18 @ 11:38pm 
We don't handle scam reports or appeals by Steam chat. For information about the case, you can reply in the thread itself. For redacting information, you can report the post. https://forums.steamrep.com/threads/how-and-when-to-report-a-post.132731/
Taygete Jun 18 @ 11:31pm 
ask about topic from years ago that still has "pending" status
Lava Jun 18 @ 11:30pm 
What do you need?
Taygete Jun 18 @ 11:29pm 
added regarding to sr
Lava Apr 19 @ 3:08pm 
Sorry, by policy I can't do anything to rush it.
RadDemo Apr 18 @ 7:14pm 
They have, however we need it right now. It’s that urgent.
Lava Apr 18 @ 7:10pm 
Your friend can opt out of historical data on SteamRep here: https://forums.steamrep.com/threads/sr-profile-history-opt-out-requests.190364/
RadDemo Apr 18 @ 7:08pm 
Hey man, I need to talk to you about something, it’s pretty urgent and it’s concerning one of my friend’s historical data on SteamRep.
Lava Apr 12 @ 2:12pm 
@Heskey²³ - Check this first: https://forums.steamrep.com/pages/scammed-by-admin/
Heskey²³ Apr 12 @ 7:51am 
Hello sir, can you accept my friend request? Someone on the steamrep was trying to scam me and stuff, harrassing me and threatening me but idk how to contact you other than through steam :p
⚡v1cky⚡ Mar 20 @ 4:02am 
why you do that to me?
styro Feb 22 @ 2:15pm 
i will let everyone know here, i really dont like ketchup, i heard it refer to as the best condiment? i would choose mayonaise anyday of the week even with curly fires. i guess i personally prefer mayonaise more! :Dragonia_expression1:
Blazey 伊達 政宗 Feb 18 @ 9:25pm 
Holding Keys Jan 29 @ 2:11pm 
Lava Jan 21 @ 3:19pm 
I'm sorry you feel that way, but filtering incoming friend requests on my own Steam account isn't gatekeeping, it's personal preference, based on a number of bad experiences I've had when accepting friend requests from strangers.

If your question is important enough, you can ask it here. If you have something you want to ask privately about SteamRep (that's usually what people want), you can either PM it to me in the SteamRep forums or send an email pr (at) steamrep (dot) com. If I feel your question truly warrants being friends in Steam, then I'll reconsider, but until you can elaborate on what you're adding me for, I'm just going to hit ignore. I'm not under any kind of obligation to accept every (or really any) friend request that I receive in Steam.
Radi0 Jan 21 @ 10:08am 
just add me stop gate keeping
Lava Jan 20 @ 1:48pm 
You can ask it here.
Radi0 Jan 19 @ 8:25pm 
have a question to ask
.f l e xxx Jan 12 @ 4:34pm 
alright ! a huge thanks for the answers and for your time
im gonna appeal soon from my brother account then
have a great day
take care of you and your family
you can delete all the comments related to my case
thanks again, I really appreciate it, you're such a good person
Lava Jan 12 @ 3:50pm 
If you have access to the main account where the scam happened, then appeal from that. You can't appeal the offense from this (.f l e xxx) account.
Lava Jan 11 @ 6:06pm 
SR admins are not supposed to accept friend requests to help with appeals, because then they have to recuse themselves from your case, so they will probably ignore you. I don't know how to make my explanation any clearer, but I will try 1 last time.

You're marked as an alt of a scammer account. If you want to appeal it, then either:
1. Log into the account that you allegedly scammed from, and use THAT ACCOUNT (DiRav) for your appeal. (If it's your account.)
2. Appeal from THIS account (.f l e xxx) and clearly state that other account (DiRav) NOT YOUR ACCOUNT. (If it's NOT your account.)

Policy explained in detail here: https://forums.steamrep.com/posts/365908
Lava Jan 11 @ 2:28pm 
I can't walk you through it or look at specifics for your case, as that would be considered coaching, but you can appeal in 1 of 2 ways:

1. You may address the offense itself, either admitting it (claiming a change of heart) or disputing it and claiming innocence.
2. You may claim that the account linked to your profile is not yours, and you have no connection to the scam in question.

#1 can only be done from the account in question. If the account that committed the scam truly isn't yours, then #2 is pretty much your only option, so you need to make that very clear.
Sjru 🐲 Dec 24, 2021 @ 11:56am 

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This year was slightly better, hopfully the next one 2022 will be much better, I wish you the best on it:scx_pakeball: :dragonhopeful:

Have fun with family if possible with friends too♫ :pawpawpaw:

~Sjru :fullheart:
☂Ecl1pse Nov 17, 2021 @ 11:04am 
Can you please answer my message on steamrep?
fanta Oct 24, 2021 @ 12:08pm 
Hawwo~ Have added to ask for your help & advice on something :cs2cloud:
OverduePixels Aug 16, 2021 @ 12:35pm 
If you are not aware, I have accepted your add. :tank:
Lava Jul 18, 2021 @ 7:18pm 
@Lunaa - Partner community tags are issued by the community themselves, and if they can't for some reason then they can be requested through your community's head admin/owner or designated SteamRep liaison. Contact your community's leadership if you need an admin tag.
Malignity. Jul 18, 2021 @ 1:57am 
nice background
†Lunaa Jul 16, 2021 @ 8:45pm 
Hey lava, i added to discuss whether or not i can get my proper HG staff tag on SR
Lava Jun 25, 2021 @ 10:04pm 
I have not recently been in any trade servers. Didn't think I was famous.
tay ♥ Jun 25, 2021 @ 12:27am 
hey lava did i see you in a trade server tonight or was that a different lava?
also hi legendary steamrep admin owo
Lava Jun 12, 2021 @ 7:24pm 
Scammers will latch onto anything they can for credibility, even if it's something legitimate. They'll then encourage you to report the innocent people involved in whatever they linked you to, who had nothing to do with the scam, to distract you from reporting them.

That video doesn't look like it's specifically made by scammers, just an idiot with a clickbait title looking for views.
Pharah Jun 12, 2021 @ 12:07pm 
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2515011479 this guide is for scam api method help me report please
(𝚺)Riuzake May 23, 2021 @ 7:32am 
ALR thanks! god bless you.
Lava May 22, 2021 @ 10:29pm 
You need to apply as a moderator. Unfortunately, our mod applications recently closed. They should re-open in another year for a 2-3 week period, April I think. Look over our expectations, application questions, and be ready to apply then.
(𝚺)Riuzake May 22, 2021 @ 12:37pm 
How do i become a part of the team?
Lava May 22, 2021 @ 11:58am 
What do you want to talk about?
(𝚺)Riuzake May 22, 2021 @ 9:18am 
Hello sr , i wanna talk to you about the SteamRep Staff.
HJ May 1, 2021 @ 10:34am 
hello ,I found a SCAMMER on my blocked list. would you deal with him?
Spectre Ember Frost Apr 26, 2021 @ 5:59pm 
Sent a FR looking for some advice on something
✪Shelby✪™® Apr 25, 2021 @ 12:43pm 
Hello there, added you due to business inquires.
Dio Mar 30, 2021 @ 6:37pm 
Wow an SteamRep admin :o
tits Mar 22, 2021 @ 4:54pm 
Added for questions on steamrep.
Barack O Brahma Mar 12, 2021 @ 6:28pm 
please wanted a help