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There are no such things as "Steam admins" - it's a SCAM !

Don't click any links in Steam, and don't send items to any "bot" or "admin" accounts.
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Important Information
I don't intervene in trades, I don't middleman, and I don't work for Steam Support. If someone says they need me to "check your items" for fakes/duplicates/glitches/whatever, they're trying to scam you. [] There is no such thing, and this is a signature trick used by scammers to steal from newcomers to CS:GO. The scammer invite a copy of my profile into the chat with you, claiming to be from Steam Support, and then run with your items. If you fall for it, there is nothing I can do to get your stuff back.

I'm a SteamRep administrator (not part of Steam). Please verify my identity by copying and pasting the URL of this page into before anything related to SteamRep or trading. If you are viewing this in Steam and don't have a URL bar visible, right-click and select Copy Page URL to copy and paste my URL.

I am not a middleman. Do not add me to hold your items. Do not post comments asking me to add you for a middleman, or to help you find a middleman. Doing so may make you a target for scammers.

Don't add me because you got scammed. There is nothing I can do to help you. If you are looking to report a scammer and have them marked, please fill out a scam report instead of adding me. I do not accept reports via Steam chat. Please note, SteamRep cannot return your items.

If you are tagged on SteamRep, do not add me to have your tag removed unless I specifically asked you to in your appeal. Make an appeal here:
Don't ask me to expedite your appeal.

If you're adding me for anything else related to SteamRep, I ask that you send a private message in the forums first or I might ignore you.

If you're adding me for a trade, please send a trade offer . I might not accept your friend request otherwise.

If you're adding me for any other reason, please post a comment on my profile. I automatically ignore any friend request from private profile, new, or low Steam level accounts unless you give me a good reason to accept or it was discussed previously.

Do NOT post "+rep" comments on my profile, and don't ask me to post it on yours. Profile reputation is not worth anything, and you should not trust it. If you perform a trust trade with me, I will provide you with a link to my reputation thread.
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Crasery. ;3 6 小时以前 
Is it allowed to send you friend request without any purpose exept being friends?
Lava 7月20日下午5:08 
We can't. We don't have access to ban anyone from CS:GO or Steam, only Steam Support can. Best we could do is ban him SteamRep's 3rd-party shared-ban database, but nobody checks our database before clicking links, and the account sending links was probably stolen, so that wouldn't accomplish anything.
Lava 7月20日下午2:41 
There's nothing SteamRep can do about phishing links.
Lava 7月20日上午9:03 
Sorry, can't help with that. Report him on his Steam profile.
Nacchan 7月11日上午10:00 
i hove be friend and for help in future. Nacchan!
Lava 7月8日下午3:28 
@Bunny - I am not a Steam admin. There is no such thing. Whoever told you that probably stole your karambit. Sorry, there is no way to get it back. Accept your loss, and learn a hard lesson.

@Charon - We don't delete appeals. You can see all the appeals you submitted here: If your appeal was denied for lying, there is nothing more anyone can do to help you.