eric muller
My name is eric and i like the computer.
I have a little yellow dog named scooter.
I enjoy writing and painting and playing games.
I have alot of different names..
ok forget that lame poetry. I try but it never works for me. Dont worry, I will eventually start my rap career and become faomous, but that will have to wait. Ive got better things to do like sit here and waste my time on the computers. Its not like I could be exercising or solving world problems... Anyways, i live in Florida and i have never lived anywhere else. I used to play the xbox but I eventually got sucked into the computer lifestyle once i got a decent graphics card. I feel like a lot of people miss out on the beauy of PC gaming. I was always stubborn to try other platforms but I see now that it was a good choice to switch. There is so much more on here than there is on any console. With the awesome sales and mods that come along with Steam, there is no comparison.
I like to think that im kind of funny, but not everyone will agree. I have a strange sense of humor and will most likely be sarcastic. And I have a couple snakes...because i can. See ya!
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