mentally defective street nigga
ogm hot grill on backgrund   Serbia
Ahh, tikva. Ze 2nd best quickscoper evr.

fetches ovr 999,999,999 souls

here is some ppl describing me:

tikva iz ze best quickscuper evr!!11 -garandyarand12

tikva u fokin haxor -DeffNotANub34

dis tikva iz ze most mlg man on the entire planet. -meowdestroyer2321

HOW DF R U SO GUD?!?!?!?! -yomamaquickscoper50

meow -cowguy21

and nao, here are thingz about meh :DDD

tikva ze gud tikva.
tikva ze evil tikva.
tikva ze straight tikva.
tikva ze faget exterminator tikva.

tikva helps ppl by killing their biggest enemy.
tikva helps ppl by helping them.
tikva helps ppl by saying hi.
tikva helps ppl by fu-(censored).

tikva reks nubs dat suk so bad.
tikva reks btches that r annoying af.
tikva reks tryhards.
tikva reks u.

btw, i have my clan leader that taught me how to rek ppl, his naem is ku-(content deleted due to 2mlg4u.)

now u know tikva, what a rekter he is, what a mlg pro he is, what a child
ra-(content deleted due to wtf)

Lemme tell you about ze tiem i and my cla-(content deleted because fuku)

goodby-(content deleted due to harsh words)

haha fagg-(content deleted due to random)

(Content Fucking Deleted)

(If you want to play with me i have put the list of available multiplayer games i currently have on my profile, check it out even though youre not gonna give 2 shits about me)

i liek sessy grills send me mudels fer gmud
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clik on dis guaid if u want to lern how 2 maek caek!

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Бог те благословио.
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beep beep death