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cansei do corona Jun 29 @ 1:35pm 

This man is lying when it comes to the size of his penis. As you can see your honor, this man, whos is commonly known as "bananinha" is a absolute scam artist.
Whenever he is on the street, he just comes to me and says. Look at this fruit (he was holding a watermelon, and as you all know, this is a very big fruit). He comes to me (keep in mind that I was fearing for my life at this point) and says: I ♥♥♥♥♥♥ this fruit and it's juicy flavor attracts all the ants and bugs to my sticky member. This is not a good man, he is a absolute monster.
Do you really think that this is the kind of man that we want to represent us?

cansei do corona May 28 @ 12:15pm 
come to limeira
carlin May 7 @ 5:00pm 
whoops May 7 @ 10:19am 
mas essa mina n é o z?????? PepeHands
cansei do corona May 7 @ 9:40am 
me apresenta a mina que tá na sua foto de perfil
whoops May 7 @ 5:51am 
oi z