Pierre Béchade   Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Playing Overwatch, no more on TF2
BattleTag : NULL#2259



- ETF2L div4: 1st - sboob team
- ETF2L div3: 1st - sboob team
- ETF2L Premiership: 3th - Stacked
- UGC steel 1st - sboob team
- UGC gold 2th - sboob team
- UGC Platinium 2th - Stacked
- Wireplay div1: 2th
- Elec best spy in Europe by Premiership player in season 7
- Spy main for the #4 Nation Cup with FRANCE


Go4Overwatch (PC) Europe Cup #5 5th. Cup with Bikini
Go4Overwatch (PC) Europe Cup #6 2th. Cup with Bikini
Go4Overwatch (PC) Europe Cup #7 4th. Cup with Bikini
Go4Overwatch (PC) Europe Cup #8 2th. Cup with Bikini
Overwatch (PC) 6on6 Heroes Cup #4 Europe 3th. Cup with Bikini
Overwatch Atlantic Showdown Qualifier #1 Europe 7th/13th. Cup with Bikini
Overwatch Atlantic Showdown Qualifier #2 Europe 5th/7th. Cup with Bikini
Overwatch Atlantic Showdown Qualifier #3 Europe 1th/4th. Cup with Bikini

Coach Overwatch

(LAN) Galloween - 3th
ESL Summer Cup #60 - 1st
FR OW CUP #10 - 1st
Oserv' eSport Overwatch Cup #10 - 1st

No more on TF2. Don't add me to mentor you or to sign your knife.
My last achivement in this game was to make ban (during ETF2L s8) an Anti cheat admin name quintosh.

Apparently my dead ringer made no sound, its an unusual one ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Spy mge master or just a hacker. Depend of viewpoint


yaug: marry me instead pls
H.A.R.D: :D
yaug: i can easily get breast implants and stuff

Osman: j'te file une clé si tu me stab pas durant tout le mix

asadawarf: i'm warning you right now
asadawarf: i've halved my sens
asadawarf: and now i am a MEATSHOT DELUXE SCOUT RIPPA DIPPA MAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sB | Suuldam: fkin gingers, no soul nor skills

Breakfast : the only person i die to when against stacked is HARD because he's cheating

H.A.R.D Cobz 'll lose tonight 8): i will destroy you <3
Maitominaty: this time we won´t gib u that chance ;)
Maitominaty: but if u do.
Maitominaty: only anus plz.
Maitominaty: and call me.
H.A.R.D Cobz 'll lose tonight 8): I love anus 8)

kzr_: you are the 2nd best spy ever
H.A.R.D: But the 1st in penis size

b33p -st- LF Sun 19 Scrim: FYI, Quintosh (head anti-cheat admin until yesterday) and people in Chess (such as Breakfast_Jr and Sprayer) think you're cheating. Using some kind of exploit. They will request your demos for the match on Sunday. I have no doubt you're doing nothing fishy but they seem to think you are, and to be honest I don't have any faith in AC making right choices so I am worried. Quintosh said you're cheating (using an exploit) but there just isn't enough evidence to ban you yet. Apparently it's not an aim or reload thing, or anything people would see on a stream, but something else. I have no idea, but they're going to go after you. Breakfast wouldn't tell me what it was because then I'd tell you and you'd stop doing it. I've no idea what they mean, just thought I'd give you a heads up. If I thought for a second you were cheating I would have kicked you, I know you're not.

Duncan : Si t'entends un bruit d'assiettes tkt je fais du ping pong

cherryrendezvous: hello
NULL: yo
cherryrendezvous: serious question
cherryrendezvous: can i have your demo for the sunshine game
cherryrendezvous: the convo in the mumble right now is how you decloacks were never heard
NULL: i dont have play the game since 1 month ahahah
cherryrendezvous: so do you have the demo of the sunshine game
NULL: just make me laught that people think my DR dont make sound
cherryrendezvous: just seems odd
cherryrendezvous: i saw you declock in my face
cherryrendezvous: no sound
cherryrendezvous: same for alot of others n the team
cherryrendezvous: anyway id apreciate it if you upload it, im going afk
cherryrendezvous: brb
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tc Feb 25 @ 1:36pm 
hey i wanna talk to you about ur hope for spy class
Oh , I Forgot My Mustache ! Dec 18, 2017 @ 11:11am 
» DuDe , I add you for Anything .
NULLeeee Dec 8, 2017 @ 6:08am 
Ahah my evil plan ! :spycon:
ballzy Dec 7, 2017 @ 11:58pm 
I was trying to do some js stuff with the API and I was getting really damn confused cus it kept fetching the player name as NULL, despite everything else working -_-
sucker Jun 10, 2017 @ 6:17am 
Hey, I added you to see if you would be willing to sign an item. Thanks in advance!
pooh Mar 27, 2016 @ 9:47am 
SCAMMER!!! Scammed my 1000 key