Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Hello...:2016snocone: Welcome to my profile!! :2016roasted: *Brohoof* /)

Please feel free to add me :2016popsicle:

More Info. Here
-My Name: Royal
-Gender: Male
-Race: Batpony
-Cutie Mark: Thunder
-Favorite color: Blue

Likes: Play whit my friends wen they need me. :loveslashit2:
Dislikes: Dishonest and rude people. :sickslashit2:

Best Friends :ss2heart:

:Mstar: Deadric


:evilslashit2:[Red λ]❤Red Lλmbda❤
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:Light: Hello there! Here Royal900 :Light:
I am exchanging cards to help you finishing badges:2016popsicle:

A few rules: :big_lock:

-Please comment something :p2cube: in the box of commentaries in my profile, after the trade!
-Offers with a 15 day hold will get ignored. :crate: enable steam on your phone first!
-I accepts :tradingcard: 1:1 :tradingcard: (Same Value) + some :Gems: if you like donate!
-I don't accept junk of cards :tradingcard: please, don't tried to convince me.

:stop1: "Notes:" :stop1:

-Only same set :tradingcard: 1:1 :tradingcard:
-Different set (Same Value) :tradingcard: 1:2 :tradingcard: or :tradingcard: 1 + 20 :Gems:
:dd_denied:(Without exceptions):p2turret:

:sentry: You can Buy/Sell TF2 keys :sentry:

-You can Buy :Fistofdosh: 1 Key for:
32 Refined Metal (18 sets of :tradingcard: or 4100 :Gems:)

-You can Sell :Dosh: 1 Key for:
30 Refined Metal (16 sets of :tradingcard: or 3900 :Gems:)

:2016trophy:Special Events :steamy:

I will also keep adding :tradingcard: to my inventory each Week :2016watermelon:
And at steam:2017trophy:special events. I will strive to have some :tradingcard: before the event ends!

Have a Nice Day!
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Don't forget comment in my profile, after the trade! n.n
ROYAL900 Mar 20 @ 5:02am 
I'm Fast :WingsInfinity:
ROYAL900 Mar 20 @ 5:00am 
Thanks for the trade n.n
Bert Mar 19 @ 4:19am 
+rep fair and fast Trader:praisesun:
vaknuva Mar 12 @ 5:04am 
Just offered an Undertale trade, even if you accept it I won't be able to make the badge, but at least I won't have a duplicate. Still haven't gotten any booster packs yet, although my eligibility did lapse for a long while.
ROYAL900 Mar 7 @ 1:46am 
thanks :2016watermelon:
Tigerking385 Mar 6 @ 3:16am 
Does good trades +rep