Robo Nick Kolas
I am a Founder of the Rusty Chains, and the one who pulled the strings during that time. However, that time is over now. Nowadays I just play games and try and be a good host in PAYDAY 2.

I'm just playing video games. Mostly PAYDAY 2 and Stardew Valley.



"In order to overcome your enemy, you must think like your enemy. Talk like your enemy. Eat like your enemy. Sleep like your enemy. Then you consume thy enemy. Literally eat them." -Robo-Tavia
";)" -OVERKILL_Andreas
"I'd run into walls before I shoot at teammates." -Pete Gold
"I will now and forever recognize Chains as Damion Poltier." -Simon Viklund
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I'm Robo-Tavia Memory, but you can call me "Tavia", "Robo", or "RTM" for short. I used to be a member and I am a founder of Rusty Chains, but that's in the past.

Personal Achievements

Featured Vocal Appearance in the New Safehouse as a Prank Call.

Featured Appearance under streamer group "Rusty Chains" at time of implementation.

Named the following achievements for the Crimefest 2017 Event:

Flame War -- Complete Firestarter on Very Hard or Above.
Best Use of a Farm Animal -- Complete Goat Simulator on Normal or Above.
Hello, My Friends! -- Complete all of Vlad's Contracts on Normal or Above.
Thanks for your Contribution -- Complete all of The Elephant's Contracts on Normal or Above.
Friends in High Places -- Complete all of The Elephant's Contracts on OVERKILL or Above.
Small Operation -- Complete all of Hector's Contracts on Normal or Above.
Bloody Pennies -- Complete all of Hector's Contracts on Very Hard or Above.
We Started Real Low... -- Complete all of Bain's Contracts on Normal or Above.
We've Become the Bain of their Existence! -- Complete all of Bain's Contracts on OVERKILL or Above.
A Diamond Dozen -- Complete Diamond Store on Hard or Above.

Created the following achievements for the Spring Break 2018 Event:

Federal Assurance -- On the First World Bank job, kill all the Bulldozers in the bank vault within 30 seconds after jumping down the hole.
I Will Succeed With Dignity -- On the Shadow Raid job, complete the heist using zero pre-planning favors on OVERKILL difficulty or Above.

Team Fortress 2

First Unusual Hat Unboxed -- 9:15 PM EST, March 28th, 2018 (Blue Moon Cosmetic Case)
Strange Sunbeams Sky High Fly Guy [Soldier Hat] (First of its Kind)

As per usual, here is some things to keep in mind when my status changes:
Online: Go ahead and talk to me, pal. I may not respond in time, but I'll respond.
In-Game: I may reply slower than usual (Especially if I'm stealthing in PAYDAY 2.), and I may not see your message, but I'll definitely respond once I'm out of game.
Away: Chances are I won't respond for a while... ...but once I get back, I will!
Busy: Working on something. Usually it will either be my Schoolwork or something secret.
Offline: ...I think it's obvious. Although, if you need to message me, go ahead and I'll respond when I come back online.

Also, when adding me, I will quickly glance over your profile (Just in case. You never know these days.) and add you if I think you're alright.

Well, that's it, I think. Thanks for reading!

Look At These Things I Made Up

The Murky Rig Heist
The Hijack Heist
The SWAT Chopper Boss
The Murky Waters Heist
The Senatorial Speech Heist
The Vital Study Heist

~Robo-Tavia Memory.
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Yikes Jan 3 @ 12:03am 
dork uwu
Tsarem Jul 14, 2018 @ 1:44pm 
Soldier is Spy!
Yikes Apr 11, 2018 @ 10:01pm 
trust me, I know you do. you keep telling me it everyday. you're a ruthless and adorable dork
Yikes Apr 11, 2018 @ 5:54pm 
you're definitely not wrong there, but you forgot that you're a cute dork as well <3
Yikes Apr 9, 2018 @ 1:17pm 
you're a dork ♡
peppermint holloween Mar 28, 2018 @ 6:39pm 
:OWO: What's this-?