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Sep 1 @ 12:45pm
In topic GoG Release Please?
What a pity this game is not available on GOG.
Jul 21 @ 11:23am
In topic Please add Polish language.
I would gladly buy this game if it had third person perspective mode.
RPGs and first person perspective is a NO NO for me.
First person gameplay cause nausea, eye strain and migraines for me and many others.
I hope developers introduce a patch with additional TPP mode.
I understand that due to the complex combat system developers decided to go FPP only,
but anyway it would be nice to have an additional TPP Story Mode where combat is not that important and changed slightly so we could buy and play the game and enjoy the story.
Jun 7 @ 6:14pm
In topic Servers Closing for Sword Coast Legends
Jun 7 @ 6:04pm
In topic Servers Closing for Sword Coast Legends
Now did they edit and manipulate the announcement ??
I remember I bought the game when it was stated that :
its multiplayer servers will remain live indefinitely .
and now is :
its multiplayer servers will remain live for an indefinite, unspecified, amount of time .
May 28 @ 2:41am
In topic TQ AE & Ragnarök 1.56 - Bugfixes
Push the update to GOG please :cleanhourglass:

Also please add Achievements to GOG and translate Steam achievements to Polish.
Thank you .
May 26 @ 4:26am
In topic Is this game virus infected ?
Besides Steam I have this game also from Alawar and BigFish Games platforms, also tried installing trial from MS Store just now and it seems like only Steam version is virus infected.
Regarding bitdefender +10 other engines from virustotal: My gaming library is really huge and this one is the only game that triggered virus detection.
May 25 @ 8:31am
In topic Is this game virus infected ?
Mar 14 @ 1:26pm
In topic 3/14/18 Patch Notes
Very nice. Thank you for the update. Keep on improving the game.
Hey, We've have just send a new daily batch a 10 beta Steam Keys. Just a quick email to give you your position in the waiting list. Here is your position: 2501

So since you are sending 10 keys a day and my position is ~2500 does it mean that you are going to send me the same automated message every day for the next 250 days ???
Mar 12 @ 11:25am
In topic I can't start the game anymore.
The game freeze when I go to Portraits and click on the "green leaf" icon from the list.
I have to ctrl+alt+del to windows task manager and kill timbertales-steam-win32.exe process.

Also after setting the game to full screen @ 1920x1080 the game crach to desktop at next launch .
So I have to delete \.prefs\BattleverseGame to be able to launch the game again and then avoid full screen setting.

This game is so cute, Im in love with the little fluffy creatures. I hope you will find the cure :)
Mar 11 @ 10:03am
In topic Little Red Riding Hood on Drugs?
The art is beautifull . Really talented 2D artist . Im loving this game just for backgrounds.
Nevermind. I bought this Buy to Play game already only to find out there is in fact Pay to Win micro-transaction item shop in this game.
Hey guys, before I buy the game I would like to know if there is any kind of item shop / pay to win micro-transactions in this game ?
Because it's garbage and the results does not make sense.

For example your translation to polish reads like this:
Go through the whole Earth to confront and defeat the Barbarians, be careful not to hurt yourself, you do not have time to heal your wounds or potions to use, there are many barbarians, whom you do not think twice to attack, when they see you.

-Strategic warfare
Do not attack without thought, some enemies deal heavy damage if you attack without a combat strategy, some enemies will open to your attention

Feb 19 @ 8:20am
In topic MWNL Free content from ''Day 2'' problem
I just got it . Thank you SEGA.
Feb 19 @ 7:04am
In topic Prize Bundle Latest
Originally posted by SEGA DEV:
/.../ if you still don’t have anything yet – don’t panic, you’re still on the list and your prize items will be with you asap.

We are still missing the Day 2 bundle

The bundle has been added to steam account. Thank you.

Feb 19 @ 3:12am
In topic list of awarded games?
Feb 17 @ 3:28pm
In topic MWNL Free content from ''Day 2'' problem
same here, missing day 2 bundle. go the email but did not receive MWNL5 Day 2 on my steam account
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