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Work efficiency meter for zombies always shows %1 in the Polish language of the game.
There is also a typo in the word "WydajnośĆ pracy:" (Work efficiency:) The last letter Ć is capital. Should be small letter ć. The percent % sign should be at the end of the number.

Edit: I just realized that there is a missing space before "%1" variable. This may lead to incorrect code execution.
The issue with capital letter Ć instead of small ć at the end of the words is global. (Font map related?) It affects many polish words ending with letter ć. I am not sure which update introduced this error but it was alright before the zombie DLC.

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Nov 3 @ 6:14am
In topic GOG Achievements please
Can you please add achievements for GOG Galaxy game owners. Thank you
1.0.8c (200mb) is up on GOG. Can we have patch notes, please
+1 It's distracting, causes migraines and nausea
Originally posted by Telmorial:
I know this place isn't the best place to ask this but I couldn't see any way to contact them.!

They have to approve your account manually before you can post.
You can request the approval by email or here
Showing 1-5 of 5 entries