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The A.I. , it is always the A.I. To think that some men think the lack of emotions will eliminate all sins, the lack of religion cleanse all folly, the lack of a soul will install a fairer god. Yet, after all, the sum of the lines of code was the installation of evil, the religion of the electronic superiority, and the constant search for more of the same. Yes, it's always the A.I. now. But the blame, it goes to the men who ripped out the heart and soul of human civilization and replaced it with the dreams of mortal men who believed themselves the new Creator. Welcome to our customized doom. For at the heart of the matter is the belief that a CPU is better than muscle made of flesh and a mind influenced by the gut.
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BladeMaster Jul 19 @ 12:19pm 
Just wanted to say thank you for your message, you just saw right through me and we haven't even spoke recently. Thank you, I really appreciate the support and the fact that great people like you exist.
A Jaded Lizard May 10 @ 4:32pm 
Understood. Just shoot me a line some time when it'll work for you and we'll see what I can do.
DedZedNub May 10 @ 12:27am 
I tend to have off usually in the middle of the week, Wednesday and Thursday currently. But this week I have a lot of other things to do. It's good that it is entertaining even solo, as that's also the most likely way I would play it most of the time. I'll keep KF2 on my wish list. I removed most of the KF2 comments from my PositronX review comments, just leaving the initial exchange. I thought you'd understand since basically you decided to move the conversation here first, which was good of you.
A Jaded Lizard May 9 @ 5:00pm 
I don't mind; I moved over here because I thought, like you, that it would be odd to discuss another game in so much detail here.

I play just about every day, although if you want to schedule something it'd probably be better to do it on a weekend.

The game plays a good deal more like CS with AI zombies. I play solo primarily and it can get hairy, especially on the highest difficulty, but on Hard and Suicidal you can manage if you're careful.
DedZedNub May 8 @ 11:15pm 
When do you normally tend to play KF2, so that I might plan on a day or time to ask you to Stream something?
DedZedNub May 8 @ 11:15pm 
KF2 seems in the vein of simpler kill or be killed with placed zeds plus waves of them. Probably very nice co-op, but I tend to play single-player (though at some point soon, I'm going to try co-op a bit, maybe 6 months or a year, in some game).

Hey, if you don't mind, I think I should, for the sake of the PositronX Devs, maybe delete a few of our comments on just KF2 on the PositronX review comments section. I'd keep the first interchange or so, but remove the rest. As it might scare off some commenters from posting about PositronX. That's if you don't mind. Let me know.