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jones   Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
I guess i played competitive tf2 at somepoint

To the best 4 seasons of tf2 ever: Litboys precursor and Litboys http://etf2l.org/teams/28677/

f_goatse: i bet puo cant snipe w/o his meds
shock mix/merc: tell them that they're mega pussies and afraid of playing mid

1st - ETF2L Highlander Season 16 Division 2
1st - UGC Season 25 Silver
1st - UGC Season 20 Silver
1st - UGC Season 19 Steel
1st - UGC Season 18 Iron
3rd - UGC 6v6 Season 27 Platinum
3rd - ETF2L Highlander Season 10 Open
3rd - ETF2L Highlander Season 11 High/Mid
3rd - ETF2L Highlander Season 15 Mid
3rd - ETF2L 6v6 Season 29 Low
5th - ETF2L 6V6 Season 27 Low
5th - ETF2L 6v6 Season 30 Low
5th - ETF2L Highlander Season 12 Mid
5th - ETF2L 6V6 Season 31 Mid

21:44 - ducky: ive left the team btw
21:44 - ducky: I told klin that if I got a mid team id join
21:44 - Lerec: why tho
21:44 - Lerec: smh
21:44 - ducky: its also a bit toxic
21:44 - Lerec: my nigga pls
21:44 - Lerec: dont do ths
21:44 - ducky: lerec ur my boy
21:44 - ducky: i love u
21:44 - Lerec: i love you
21:44 - ducky: but im sorry

we keep one of (((them))) on our team as a bargaining chip…
if (((they))) try to take away muh free speech…
the jew gets it…

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Agent Blaha (AKA Hemingway / John Blano) - a disavowed hero of the 1990 Powder Wars against the South American Drug cartels. Ordered by Clinton, funded by a black budget, trained by the CIA (and his Green Beret multi millionaire father) paid in jasmine rice and Coke Zero and then left alone to struggle with PTSD and obesity. We own him a huge debt - a true Texan and Patriot. "latebra factum" NON NEGOTIABLE.

Edvin Heikki - "Kiitos, annoin iPhone 7:an vaimo synttärilahja. Lol ei vaines, se on minulle :D :D :D. Luoja kiitos!" 21.8.2017 Kello 1:54

Janina Takala - "Hitto, halusin PS4! Se on loppu varastosta!!!!Parempi silti kun ei mitään – sain Samsung S7:än eilen…XOXO"
20.8.2017 Kello 4:59

Kaisa Ranto - "Näin tämä kilpailun, mutta luulin ensin, se on huijausta. Sitten näin tämän mainos uudestaan ja päätin kokeilla sitä, koska olin tylsistynyt. VoittoSamsung S7:an! TAJUNTONTA!" 19.8.2017 Kello 11.01

If she breathe, she a thot -Jesus Christ


0:21 - chili-kale: tekee mieli mennä salille ku kattoo tän kuvii

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🤕Hit 👊 or miss😳 I guess 🤔they 👉never ❌ miss, huh 😕😕? You 🙌got 🤪a boyfriend😍, I bet 🎰😶he 😨doesn't 👎kiss 😘😘 ya🤭 mwah💖 😻He 🧐gon' find 🔍🔍 another girl 👶 🤩and he 😮won't😤 miss👌 ya🙀 He 🤤gon' 😲skrrt and hit 👊👊 the dab😎 like 😄😄 Wiz 🤠Khalifa🤑
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-Rep. After a good game of Team Fortress 2, I added him because he seemed like a cool guy. We got chatting, over the next couple of months we became good friends. Lots of banter, lots of great lobbies and most importantly true friendship. I invited him to my house for a TF2 lan party. He said he was coming so I was looking forward to meeting him in real life. When he arrived at my house, he pushed me against the wall and started nibbling my ear, I felt his hard buldge push against my leg. I airblasted him and then I ran. Turns out he was gay. Don't trust this guy.
🍖Brian: 🥞 Excuse 🍇 me, 🥗 would 🥒 you 🌸 like 🌏 to 👃 taste 💄 my ⛳ smoked 📘 meat 📀 log?🐛
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