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The game is full of charm and has many characters that are memorable. It has memorable moments with the characters and the gameplay is a unique mix to the action adventure series. There are some problems with the game with the buggy models, parries not being recognised and softlocks, but it's a game that people love and are going wild when creating fan art.

Note: I will be comparing this version to the original on Epic in parts on my review to describe what has changed.

The first thing is the vibrant world that the creators have made. It has many characters, scenery and music that is very memorable. The one thing that sticks out for me is the characters over the music because of how expressive they are. I love the different personalities they have, especially the bosses. Some characters have backstories where as others have different attitudes that makes them likeable (my favourite is eve <3). The scenery is beautifully designed, with lots of detail in every nook and cranny. There are many posters, ornaments, statues, walkways and citizens that bring the place to life. They have polished every place to make them have their own theme and feeling. The music is pretty much a godsend. I love how each boss has many other tracks with them that you can change after fighting them the first time. It gives more variety for each boss and makes replaying them more enjoyable.

The gameplay is the same old action adventure genre but with a music twist where you react to the beat at different ques in the music. Sometimes you have to dodge on time with the beat, attack when they have finished their attack after their beat, or parry with the music to score extra damage. The bosses have different difficulties which offers experts a challenge. Zuke and Mayday are both characters that can be swapped during the game and both offer different ways to play. Mayday is a heavy hack and slash girl who is very offensive, where as Zuke is more of a timing character who relies on time when performing combos. They offer many ways to play them, especially with the mods/specials, stickers and a skill tree. This is a great take on the genre and is a new way to experience it.

The progression is quite fulfilling. There are many collectables and unlockables in the game that makes you want to 100% it. One of the main collectables is stickers which can boost your instrument. The original version made your stickers disappear after 3 stages, where as this version keeps them permanently which is way better. Having your stickers disappear and finding them again was annoying and not worth it since they offered little boosts. Another collectable, which is new in this game, is the option to customise your guitar case (menu button). It doesn't do much other than customise the guitar case, but allows stylise your menu button with some nice fan art, which is a great way to involve the community. There are other little bits like the qwasa power batteries to restore power to things around the world and collectables to view characters back story and info, but one other main collectable is acquiring fans by completing levels and doing other mini things (powering things around the world with batteries). You get fans from completing levels and can get even more by doing the different boss difficulties. You can use the fans to upgrade you characters which makes replaying the stages in different modes worthwhile since you can get more from each of them.

Some little things to note is that they fixed the stun lock where you would get stunned by an enemy and lose massive amount of health. Having the ability to customise your weapon, mods, specials and even guitar case on the fly in the menu is a good quality of life mechanic that is introduced in this version.

One of my main problems with the game is the timing of the music with the enemies and ESPECIALLY the parries. The enemies sometimes go off beat, making you follow the beat sometimes pointless. This can happen when they are out of screen or when they have to jump to the next beat since it's out of beat. The main one I have to complain about is the parries. I was hoping this was fixed in this version, but it's still broken and relying too much on reaction. Doing the parry modes (especially perfect parries) feels like a coin toss. I managed to do EVE, Yinu and 1010 but that was a chore when reacting with to the parry instead of reacting to the beat. The beat visualisation that can be enabled in options doesn't help at all. They should of carried on with the beat cues that leads up to an attack, like they did with supernova before an attack, but they instantly dropped it after the first boss and made you follow the beat which sometimes does not work. The parry mechanic is something that needs to be fixed since it relies on reaction rather than following the beat, which is what this game is about. They need to fix the timing/rhythm and parry mechanic.

Another thing is softlocks. I've managed to softlock the game 3 times now. One with Tatiana where I used the rocket to take over half her health which didn't assemble all key with all the parts which made her stuck infinitely. Another was warping outside of Eves stage when swapping from character to character and clipping outside, not being able to go back in. There's another where there are clipping issues around the city that gets you stuck. There was a fourth softlock in multiplayer on the original version where if you played 2 player and lost to eve, it would softlock and had to restart the game but I don't know if they fixed it in this version or not. It's not common to do these (maybe not for Tatiana) but it becomes annoying since this should of been fixed after a year, especially in the new version.

The models sometimes glitches out. I've noticed it is characters who have body parts or clothing that sways around like the hair on DK West, or the shoulder pad things on Eves back. This is limited to that, but sometimes they stretch across the entire screen such as the hands in eves stage and even supernovas hands have model problems. This isn't game breaking, but something that needs to be fixed/polished.

Neutral (Other Notes)
The visual and music cues help sometimes, but as I said in my cons: it's about the reactions more than the timing. They added more cues into this game from the previous version such as where now you can see 1010s shooting path and the vision spotlights of the eyeballs in eves stage, but they don't provide much. 1010s shooting path disappears sometimes and Sayu's visual cue only helps a little but is off time/beat with her animation.

The story is alright. I won't spoil the story here (the spoilers will be highlighted in black to avoid you seeing them), but I wish they made it more interesting by including the characters a bit more. There are some plot elements that are dropped INSTANTLY that makes it questionable why they were even mention. When they questioned how Kliff got their number, they just say 'i dunno' and just ignore it. Not brought up again. It might be because at the end where he has hacking abilities and that he hacked the satellite to destroy NSR, but that isn't mentioned/shown until the end. Another thing they dropped instantly as well was Gigi. They wondered about who he is and then never got mentioned again.

No Straight Roads takes the action adventure genre into a new direction with music elements. It has charming characters, memorable music, eyegasm detail in each level, interesting gameplay and a progression system that feels awesome to move up in. There are bugs and problems in this game that hinders a players experience (particularly mine) which got fixed just a bit in this version, but needs some updates to fix it even more. The new additions and quality of life mechanics really made it fun to replay this game again. Overall, I give this game a 7/10.
Posted October 23. Last edited October 23.
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Posted September 29, 2020.
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I really enjoy this game. Playing with friends is a blast and it really makes every match tense when everyone has a variety of power ups. I do love how it's just straight forward and to the action. The power ups are alot of fun, especially the teleport one that creates a variety of options for you to move around. There are alot of combinations with the power ups like the ice with explosion causing an ice explosion, or multi-boomerang and teleport allowing you to teleport in 4 places. This game makes every round unique and makes it more interesting to see what will happen next!

One thing I see people disliking is that there is no online support, but I mainly use parsec to play with people with games like these e.g. crawl, overcooked etc. I feel if you use parsec or even steam remote online, then you can overcome these local multiplayer barriers. Another thing is that 'what you see is what you get', meaning no more characters, levels or even unlockable power ups. I do wish there was a workshop to fill these needs or hoping that there might be more updates down the road.

All in all this game is a blast to play and is more enjoyable with others, either local or through parsec and steam remote play. This game is a solid pvp game that you can play if you are looking for something to do with others!
Posted August 15, 2020. Last edited August 15, 2020.
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This game is puyo straight through. No Tetris, no influx of rating and offers some pretty good tutorials for beginners. I find this much better than Tetris because it's more than an RNG battle when you vs Puyo as a Tetris or Tetris as a Puyo. That's all the positives I can give because this game is overrun by bugs and the ones where they can destroy your experience as a player, even for a beginner.

For starters, the ranking in the game is more refined to the point where you are not seeing huge rating changes like in PPT (Puyo Puyo Tetris) and they've actually fixed it so that you aren't getting matched up by a person way stronger than you. The ranking system matches you with a player near your skill level, but here's the thing, the skill level could be vastly big still, even for a beginner. I've been matched with people in the 3000s while I was a 2200 and it completely ruined the experience for me as a veteran puyo player. The fun thing is that you can't just back out because it locks you into a 30-second agreement to battle each other, which I find not needed because of how many times I and other players bumped into these high levelled players. I even faced against players more than 500 rating points below me and I feel just awful being forced to battle against them. I feel that this is maybe because of the lack of players since steamcharts says that mainly 30-40 people play this around the world per day, but you can get matched up with people from the other side of the world and start lagging, making you do wrong inputs. I do say the 30-second rule stops people from delaying to accept the duel and even gets rid of AFK players which is a plus for this game when it came out from the update. I enjoy playing against others around my level but if I'm going to be decimated by a guy way superior than me, then it's no fun. This evolves into a few other problems and bugs that are introduced into the ranking system, which is where all the bugs are found.

Lemme introduce one of the notorious bugs that have made its way into PPC (Puyo Puyo Champions), where you make the game windowed and just keep resizing it until it boots you out of the game. This is a known bug ever since PPT and everyone in the Puyo discords and steam community have mentioned it. They kind of fixed it where the player who causes the glitch doesn't get the huge amount of points from the 'connection disrupted' but with timing, you can achieve this to the point where you can just avoid losing your status and points altogether.

Another famous exploit is the way you can easily change your current rating points to a high value that is literally impossible to even get or reach. You can find people in the leaderboard with a maximum of 50000 with little to no hours put into the game. Some of them have disappeared (maybe because of Sega banning or removing their rating), but it's so easy to just go into the files and edit it. This ruins the skill in this game and makes grinding for points worthless.

I feel that's all I'm going to say about this because of how these problems destroy the experience itself. PPC just kind of dumps you into the online and providing help with chaining, but mainly puts you in a dead-end and facing a lot of exploits. They tried patching and updating this over time (only like 1 or 2, they are like really rare so don't keep count on them), but it feels that they are trying to work around the problem instead of dealing with it itself. They have fixed a few like the 'delete replay' bug player that soft locked players and the mentioned window resizing exploit (kind of), but they need a lot more to make this more stable and enjoyable. If you go into PPC steam community and check their bug reports out which they explicitly ask to report bugs, you can find all these bugs in there and they have not even fixed them at all, from PPT to PPC. I've played this game on the Nintendo Switch and it works pretty well, except for the locking players in feature where it sometimes matches you against a really high player. I feel that this game was meant to be a console game only because this port feels heavily rushed and incomplete. This game is still enjoyable and still works, but just be aware that you are being thrown into a lion's den when you start playing. Until they fix this, this review will remain as a no for me until all these problems are fixed, or the majority are.
Posted December 16, 2019. Last edited January 14, 2020.
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Posted December 2, 2019.
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Love drinking soda
Posted July 2, 2019.
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This is such a wonderful game that has an investing story with characters that you feel connected to and how good the gameplay feels. It is a MAJOR step up from the previous series incorperating more gameplay mechanics. I loved every moment in this game and have waited so long for this localized version to be released for months and I was not dissapointed when playing through it fully. The amount of plot twists and elements in the story really caught me off guard. The only thing I will have to say about this game in terms of negatives is that the story doesn't really progress until a later on when things get serious and how sometimes you need to grind stuff out (typical for a JRPG). Overall I enjoyed my time in this game; max leveling out all my characters and getting the best equipment for them while doing a 100% in it (or almost). This game is spectacular and I look foward to the future Dragon Quest games after this seeing that it was enjoyable experience.

Update 6/12/2020: Game is still fantastic, but reselling the game but in definitive edition instead of a DLC is downright scamming. We've all spent our money on this game and have to restart again to play the extra content. No discount for people who already have the game. If the definitive edition came packaged with this game at the start, or as an update then I would be happy with it but selling the game again is just plain dumb.
Posted October 6, 2018. Last edited December 5, 2020.
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I want to like this DLC, but I just can't. There are things in this that makes it not enjoyable to play and it really upsets me that I'm writing a bad review for a game I really love and enjoy. The DLC is good but has flaws in it that make me give a bad review.

Chapter 5 is visually beautiful and is full of life, but there are only 3 levels to it and they are all fetched quests. There is no boss battle and no other levels except for the time rifts. I feel like this chapter could have been expanded on because of how big the ship and also the characters, especially the captain, playing a bigger part in the ship like the snatcher was in chapter 3. I will have to say that the level design is full of colour and is one of the prettiest chapters I've seen next to Mafia Town then Alpine Skyline.

Deathwish is for hardcore players, challenging you to go beyond and think of ways to complete a contract that sometimes breaks the games conventions *ahem* limited jumps *cough cough*. Though it's very enjoyable to re-do levels in different ways, it becomes a bit too hard. Yes I know I said that it is meant for the hardcore players, but I want to collect all the unlockables in it. I know there are peace and tranquillity, but when you do it, it doesn't say that you beat the death wish to it's fullest but rather, in my words, cheated to complete it. I didn't feel accomplished when doing it because I wanted to fully achieve the rewards and achievements for each contract and get 100% for my save file. When starting a contract, it sometimes had the bonuses hidden which I found a bit annoying, because I wanted to try and kill 2 birds with 1 stone in my first go instead of guessing if I'm doing it right. It just made me hate doing the certain contract with the hidden bonuses again because I could have done it when playing through it for the first time without playing it again and again.
*Side Note* Peace and tranquillity actually made me frustrated when it popped up on the bottom right corner every 3rd time you died, showing that there is an easier way which I refused because I want to complete it to the fullest.

*This is not part of the DLC, but just putting my thoughts into it since it is a separate DLC*
I have not really tested coop with others but had a try using it by myself seeing the controls and interactions between hat kid (Player 1) and in chapters. I love the coop feature, but there is no online, YET. I will use this when online comes out because there is someone else that I wanted to play with since we enjoyed this game very much.

The time rifts are well designed and capture the feeling/gameplay of what other time-rifts do e.g. certain levels with different music, broken up chunks of the map, a whole different experience from the story. The only thing negative I have to say is the hidden story pages hidden around the rifts. This part I hated because, in the previous time rifts, they are hidden but are visibly seen when passing by it instead of hiding in smallest of cracks that you would have to search and be wary of where they are. The number of times I had to restart because of this frustrated me since I had missed some and didn't feel like I got every page in a previous segment. Although I found this part annoying, the rifts were challenging and required you to be on your toes and think of ways to deal with a situation using the mechanics of the game and thinking outside the box.

Would I recommend this? Two answers I have: Yes for hardcore players, No for casuals since it is more focused on players being on their toes and overcoming challenges rather than just playing through it for sheer enjoyment. I'm not saying that casual players shouldn't get it because it can provide them with a bit of fun, but just warning you that it can infuriate you, especially death wish. The DLC is fun at the very least, but it doesn't follow the same difficulty from the game but amps it up so hard, it can make one go mad. They are doing patches that are making the game more accessible for players such as making some contracts a bit less frustrating and also fixing bugs that screw the player over (there was a softlock before). I still enjoy this DLC, but it was not what I was expecting when playing it and don't really touch it as much anymore.

Sorry if this review sounds like I'm being a crybaby, but it's just how I see the DLC after playing this game a lot and being introduced to this DLC. Feel free to leave a comment on your opinion because mine isn't 100% perfect ;)
Posted September 22, 2018.
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This game is perfect. The controls feel tight, the camera is easy to use and the atmosphere in the game is vibrant. It has captured a mixture of themes and genres and compiled it into its own quirky style. There are 2 dlc chapters coming, along with coop mode and the workshop community modding support, so it is going to open more variety in this amazing game. This was worth the wait and I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing this. I would definitly reccomend this game if you are looking for a platformer, action, colourful adventure.
Posted October 7, 2017.
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Here are some points about this game that makes me love it.

- It's Basic
- It's Simple To Learn
- It's Full On
- It's Cheap
- It's Something New
- It Has Good and Tight Controls
- It Has Good Pixel Art, Music and Sound
- Its Jam Pack With Content

How can you go wrong?
Posted February 11, 2016.
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