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Tyrannus Primus Jun 11 @ 3:41pm 
Czecz, I am adding you as I have a question regarding your Stellaris ships.
TurtleShroom May 21 @ 9:10am 
What's wrong with making your own character? I mean, I get that you have other things to work on, but you should REALLY get someone to work on that!
kamil19976 May 21 @ 2:56am 
It's like making your own character in God of War. It's possible but I would play as kratos anyway. It's the same with this mod.
TurtleShroom May 20 @ 6:55pm 
It doesn't have to be, though. I could help you with that once I learn "Stellaris" coding.
kamil19976 May 20 @ 2:22am 
Because of how the mod work. It's prescripted campaign.
TurtleShroom May 19 @ 9:33am 
Okay, but why? A turtle race existed in WH40K canon, although it was dead for thousands of years when they found it.