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Posted: Nov 9, 2019 @ 2:39pm
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In a fantasy world lives young Lunarie El Blanca, or just Luna as she prefers to be called. A young woman who has never met her father, and her mother died on the day of her birth. Added to her hair of unusual color, since childhood she was called a half demon and rejected by the others, with one exception, the young princess Jill who treated her as equal which made the young woman decide to enter the royal guard becoming a knight to protect the princess and her great friend. After many years of training, the great day came when Luna became a knight of the royal guard to protect the princess from any threat, but during the trip back to the castle they were mysteriously attacked by an unknown group that despite all the young woman's efforts manages to kidnap the young princess and eliminate all other knights with the exception of Luna who is forced into her body a slimy creature that makes her feel horny. Back in the castle as the only survivor and without the princess she is accused of traitor and is imprisoned, but manages to escape and now, all alone, has to find the princess and rescue her in the desert city of Ishtar, a city where there is no law and anyone can be turned into a slave while trying to resist the slimy creature that makes her think of "pure" things. ^^

After the escape our adventure begins, aiming to reach the desert city and find the princess, but it will not be an easy task, because first we need to reach the city through mountains, a great river and cross the desert full of dangers, just to find that the city is as dangerous as the road to it. Ishtar is the large independent desert town where anyone with money can buy a slave and anyone can become one, especially a young single woman like Luna. In this city our story develops because here we have to get information and try to find Jill with the help of two new friends. Cless is a young cleric who disagrees with the local church. In particular on their methods, while helping a researcher try to find out more about the past and the young dancer Airi, who is all the time wearing very revealing clothes and loves to do "pure and innocent" things in all her holes. ^^

Once in town, we are allowed to do whatever we wish and go anywhere in the city we wish while looking for the princess during the day. Every action, from talking to a character to getting out of town is time consuming and if it gets too late Luna gets tired and needs to sleep, making the game continue for the next day. While exploring, various types of events may occur. Some related to history, others provide items, some cause immediate game over while others are very "innocent". But be warned, despite the freedom Luna has it will have only until the end of the eighth day to find out where Jilll is, if she can't make it, the game ends. But if you do not know what to do to continue the story do not worry, there’s a tent on the main street of the city where a "fortune teller" lives for us to visit whenever you need to know the next step for the story to continue. Interestingly she likes to talk in riddles, her first clue being a revelation on how to get each of the game's routes, Law or Chaos each with its distinct events and main ally. ^^

If you need something for the mission do not worry, as it is a city of merchants and you can find everything from weapons to all kinds of items, but for that you need money. At the beginning the only way is to go out of town and hunt. But as the story progresses, two more forms are unlocked. Dance in the public theater wearing revealing dancer outfits and if you want to remove them and show off a lot or go to a secluded street and sell your feminine attributes to travelers and merchants. How money is made doesn't matter because traders just want to know the color of gold and not the "Pure" things she has to do to get it. There is a free item that can be obtained at any time, the meals that our protagonist cooks, but for the safety of the world do not eat the foods that Luna cooks. ^^

In addition to exploration, combat is also part of the game, not only in hunting but also in some parts of the story including a very important ones that sets the course of the story. During battles it is possible to use 4 classic options. Attack, defend, use an item or an ability. Not much mystery in this part except skills because the game uses a very interesting display system that uses circles, squares and colors. In the list of skills, next to the name for each one, there’s a number representing its cost within a square if it is a physical skill or a circle if it is a magic and the color represents the element, and I need to pay attention at this point because some bosses have the ability to counter attack when given a physical or magical attack endlessly. Another highlight is that some enemies can grab the characters and to escape we need to attack the enemy or attack the character itself, selecting with the mouse wheel and using some offensive magic on our character to escape. ^^

After many adventures maybe Luna wants to relax a little or end up falling into some of the traps and doing "pure and innocent" things with her body while being careful that a certain creature inside her body doesn't reach 100% power and transform in an "innocent" woman like a succubus. Although some events require this creature to have a minimal percentage of power. All the intimate scenes as well as some of the stories of all 4 girls have voice in every line and moan, while the characters are used by monsters, tentacles or people in various places, always accompanied by good art revealing all the intimate details. If you want to finish the game with a virgin Luna there’s a warning, be sure to evolve because as mentioned earlier the game has two routes and one must have Luna kidnaped, while a certain person watches and hear everything while our knight is used as a source of pleasure. ^^

All in all we have a good art with various details, among them the buildings of the city and the clothes that from the exhibitionist dancer to the most well-behaved cleric do not hide much or almost nothing of the great measures of the characters. Each of the maps, whether wild territory or dungeon, has a unique art for the ground and walls, avoiding repetition and making each place more unique, beyond the monsters that can be found only on specific maps and nowhere else. All together with a good soundtrack during the game worthy of a desert city during the most peaceful moments and lively during the battles, plus some more dramatic parts when needed. ^^

Lilitales is a RPG game that at various times provides a good experience on every aspect. Be it in the story while the protagonist seeks to save the princess, in battles with her unique traits or while relaxing doing "pure" things with creatures or the inhabitants of the city. Whichever way you want to follow, the game always has something new to offer. Allowing us, even after finishing it, starting over while keeping the items and character level, while exploring and discovering more with the brave and terrible cook Luna, the friendly Princess Jill, the kind Cleen and the flamboyant and utterly honest Airi as she explores the desert city awaiting her full of secrets and traps for innocent ladies the ones you can escape or fall if the player wishes so. ^^
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