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Posted: Dec 26, 2016 @ 2:38am
Updated: Dec 29, 2016 @ 12:50pm

I have played Dofus since about 2004. I stopped playing yesterday, Christmas of 2016, because a forum moderator banned me from the Ankama forum on Christmas when I explained in my own words what Christmas was about in a reply to a "Happy Holidays" forum thread started by another forum moderator. The moderator who banned me wrote a nasty letter to me blatantly insulting and persecuting me and Christianity. I told Ankama that as a result of this mistreatment of me, a loyal paying customer of about a decade -- and I have spent many thousands of dollars and so much time playing and contributing to the community -- Ankama denying or otherwise supporting this religious persecution of myself and other Christians, they have lost a customer. Let me be clear that Ankama supports International Human Rights violations and misdemeanors and felonies -- and when you are their victim, you have no recourse except to stop playing their game. Ankama does not issue refunds, nor have they shown any concern for the thoughts of players; they say one thing and then turn around and do the opposite; they lie to your face. Their business is run as a fascist regime, and players must fall into line or be made to suffer. My recourse is that they have lost my business.

Dofus was fun for about 10 years, but the very low population in players among the English communities, the complete arrogant elitism of their French company (they are so extremely arrogant in their nationalism, I cannot even explain to you except through citing the stereotypical Frenchman, you would not even believe me if I told you how bloated this French elitism they exhibit is -- for example, they make excuses to IP block everyone from other countries), the lack of respect towards players by their customer service and community managers, and their history of initiating changes that completely ruin the fun of gameplay styles makes this game and any association with this company a disappointing experience for thousands of French and non-French players like myself over the history of the game. Their stifling of free speech is disheartening, and the nasty attitudes of moderators and community managers is seriously off-putting. The community manager Izmar is usually friendly, but experiences with the rest have almost always been upsetting and disappointing for me and those players who have shared their experiences with me.

I honestly highly advise the Steam community to stay away from Ankama and Dofus. This is a gaming experience that will cause you harm and no good at all. And if you give them money, you become an even worse-off target in their crosshairs. Do yourself a favor and invest neither time nor money in this game or its company. They are going down the drain, so obviously headed toward bankruptcy and ruin, so don't let yourself get flushed down the toilet with them. You will not have any fun installing and playing Dofus. And God help you if you use their web sites at all. They are a basket of vipers and you will get a snake bite if you let them see you.
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