Old ass TF2 player since am playing medic now lol
played Sniper Scout Heavy and Medic through the years
and heavy sucks

Me stupid and logicless quotes

how mad can you get before you reach the madness?
i know is a stupid question. but
do you know the answer?

i try to survive because i made it this far, if i give up now, where would be
the point of that?,everything i have done now gone. -Trakmer

My official league participations:
UGC SA HL Steel Season 11 El Poder de los Dioses (Heavy)
UGC NA HL Steel season 17 Nine Guys Burgers and Spies (Sniper)
UGC NA HL Steel season 18 Nine Guys Burgers and Spies (Sniper)
UGC NA HL Steel season 20 The Ingeneron RatDogs (Sniper)
UGC NA HL Steel season 21 Mann Co.'s Best (Heavy)
UGC NA* SA HL *Steel season 23 Le Miau (Heavy)
UGC NA HL Steel season 24 Treevorthe1's Meth lab (Heavy)
RGL NA HL IM Season 1 Corncake´s Dormroom (Scout)
RGL NA EXP CUP Div-6 Anatevka (Spy)
RGL NA HL Main Season 2 Clearer Comms (Heavy)

UGC NA 6s Iron season 20 Six Guys Burgers and Spies (Scout)
UGC NA 6s Steel season 22 Freshly Picked FiG's (Fast Shotgun heavy)
Chapelaria Gladiator Season 3 Charquiclan (Pocket)
UGC NA 6S Silver Season 29 Utopia Turned Dystopian (Demo)

UGC NA 4s Iron season 7 Platinum Haters (Scout)
UGC NA 4s Steel season 8 Platinum Haters (Scout)
UGC NA 4s Steel season 11 Platinum Haters (Soldier???)
UGC NA 4s Steel season 12 Platinum Haters (Soldier)
UGC NA 4s Gold season 15 Whopper Wednesdays ft. Jones (Demo??)

RGL NA PL Invite Season 5 Command and Conquer (Medic)
RGL NA One day cup #3 Otter´s Disappointment (Heavy)
RGL NA PL Div-1 Season 6 Command and Conquer (Medic)

ESEA Open Season 24 CS:GO Sci-Fi BBQ (Entry)

and a few others that am too lazy to add or they were small tournaments that i dont remember

best description ever :)
Tell the world how awesome you are ... or that you really like cookies.
i like cookies :) and of course bread
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he got me
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Perrita Sumisa May 15 @ 7:41pm 
hola bro, desde que te conoci en el 2013 pense que eras mala onda pero la verdad es que me caes muy bien, te deseo un lindo inicio de semana y que papa diosito te bendiga <3 besos desde bolivia :foxyF: <3
Koro Jan 1 @ 12:15am 
feliz año trakmer este año con mas capeos con pain train
Nico Apr 22, 2021 @ 5:43pm 
Nighty Dec 24, 2020 @ 2:57pm 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :csdsmile::g_heart:
S.owl Dec 24, 2020 @ 8:56am 
             ' . ' . '
          - =  o  = -.
             . ' . ' ..
                / \
              .'. o'.
             /.-o *.\.  .      .  ✧    .
           `/. '   .'9\`
          .'6. *  s o'.,  Feliz Navidad y prospero año nuevo
          /.-- s.6.--.\
        `/ s '.    .'  * .\`。  ゚  。    . ,
       .' o 6 .` .^ 6 s'.
       /.---. *^ o.----.\
     `/s *  `. ^ s.'^   *  \`
    .' o  ,  6  `.'  ^ o    6 '.
   /,-^-- ,  o ^ * s ,---- ,\
                  |   |
Fallen Jul 29, 2020 @ 6:03pm 
Buen perfil, el Gif de la Coneja del CS GO es muy bueno y me causo gracia xD