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Personal Achievements

Relationship Goals: Floofybutt

Successfully romance Floofybutt.

Relationship Goals: Snooty Booty

Successfully romance Snooty Booty.

Relationship Goals: Kibbles

Successfully romance Kibbles.

Relationship Goals: McMurphy

Successfully romance McMurphy.

Relationship Goals: Trixie

Successfully romance Trixie.

New Job!

Successfully complete the induction.

Research Expurrrt

Complete all 18 Research Events.

Recon Expurrrt

Complete all 18 Recon Events.

Curiosity killed the cat

Experience 100% of the tail.

Sleep is for the weak

You can sleep once you're dead.

Hopeless romantic

Rejected by all of the cats.


Reject all of the cats.

The doghouse

Get fired from your job.

Save Mr Bumble!

As the title says, save Mr Bumble!

For science...

You meownster!

Can't make friends with salad

Sometimes you've just got to go for the healthy option.

What kind of game do you think this is?!?

Completed the game without dating any of the cats.


Tagged a lil' kitten.

Patrician tastes

Kibbles master race.

Chapter 1

Complete Chapter 1.

Chapter 2

Complete Chapter 2.

Chapter 3

Complete Chapter 3.

Chapter 4

Complete Chapter 4.

Chapter 5

Complete Chapter 5.

Chapter 6

Complete Chapter 6.

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