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Ty Fyter Apr 17 @ 3:45pm 
@Freak4Leeks: thanks for the reply, i appreciate because i'd like to try and run it

p.s. yeah, i regret the Carian video in hindsight given how much people abuse it in PvP (albeit v. unlikely from my video), for me it was always just a way to cheese bosses xD
Freak4Leeks Apr 17 @ 3:22pm 
mostly Cold Broadsword (there is probably a better weapon but habits die hard from ds3) with a bow with fire arrows just to remove frost. but alternated sometimes.

Also i checked out your videos and you looked familiar and realized i had already seen your carian retaliation video which was on my recommended so GG
Spooky Feb 24 @ 11:47am 
Hi, I'm amazed by your profile, but something in it's redaccion and aesthethic generated me a weird sensation. To contextualize you a bit, I'm a navy engineer with a posgruaduate in sexology, so I analyzed your profile, thought about it for a while, and I just reached a conclusion: You're an opressed homosexual. Surely my diagnosis won't surprise you, but you feel extremely ashamed of your wants. For your tranquility I want to tell you that being homosexual is nothing bad, and in these days, society accepts and integrates people like you. I recommend you to talk about this situation with your family, and finally touch grass to live a wonderful life.

I hope I helped
Archie Jan 25 @ 11:50pm 
You want forgiveness? Get religion
Omastar Jan 23 @ 5:36pm 
ඞThat's a bit susඞ
Jibbinns Jan 20 @ 12:06am 
GGS your gaming hits different