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RATINGS GUIDE (out of 10):
10 = About as good as it gets. Not necessarily “perfect”, but as close as it could have been, all things considered.
9.5 = Very, very nearly “gets there”, and honestly not much at all to complain about.
9 = An awful lot to like, but somehow lacking in some spark or touch of perfection which would make it truly great.
8.5 = A hell of a lot to recommend, but also some reservations.
8 = Very, very solid, but still quite a ways from greatness.
7.5 = A very firm recommendation, despite a number of shortcomings.
7 = Shows definite potential, but for whatever reason(s) falls quite a bit short of what it could have been.
6.5 = Really could have been something, maybe still could be, but still some way from that goal.
6 = “Above average” in its appeal, but not by a great margin. Definitely underwhelming.
5.5 = Not much above a pass. Not a COMPLETE insult, but far from something to write home about either, and not something you’d heartily recommend to anyone (even if you thought it was “their thing”).
5 = A pass. BARELY.
4.5 = A fail, if only just.
4 = Really, really not good. Could be made passable, but only with significant work.
3.5 = Pretty woeful, really. Probably COULDN’T be rendered passable, even with significant work.
3 = Awful. Either the devs were incredibly lazy, or incredibly lacking in anything resembling “talent”.
2.5 = Abominable. Even the best of intentions – if any were indeed present – couldn’t save THIS one.
2 = A failure at every conceivable level. Either the devs are full-blown “con artists”, or really should give up all their hopes and dreams of being professional video game designers (or at the very, very least, should wait for their skills to improve a bit, before releasing some half-baked “demo” as product).
1.5 = Downright insulting. The people who made this should definitely be ashamed, especially if they asked MONEY for this shit-sandwich.
1 = The devs hate you. Or, failing that, I at least hope that they secretly despise THEMSELVES, for having released such a lethal stink-bomb into the public consciousness.
0.5 = The devs may as well have choked you to death with their own faeces, and pissed all over your shallow grave for good measure.

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And finally, here's a few things about Yours Truly (as a "person" an' all that):

My name is Michael, I enjoy playing and reviewing games, and yes, I'm currently 42 years old. If this is something which makes you uncomfortable, please DON'T ADD ME. Similarly, if you don't appreciate my somewhat dark sense of humour, DON'T ADD ME. Neither of these things are liable to change or improve in the foreseeable future (quite the opposite, I suspect)! Other than this, I'm happy to be Steam friends with virtually anyone, though I may be suspicious if your Steam level is 0 or 1 and the only game you "own" is Team Fortress 2. I'm not much into trading, especially with people I haven't known for a loooong time, so if you're only looking to get stuff off me - especially totally, 100% free stuff - please, for the love of God, DON'T FUCKING ADD ME!!

Having said that, my ambivalence towards generosity runs both ways. While I have absolutely no problem with people gifting me games, please note that I have about half of the Steam catalogue currently in my wishlist...so if you want me to play something you gift ASAP, just message me and I'll be happily honest about my chances of playing it in the near-future :)

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"I feel so small and insignificant," said the knight. "That's because you ARE, you fat fucking tosser," said a voice from up above.
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Many of the myriad "sins" committed by the parent game can be considered at least partly absolved by the sheer, horror-y greatness of one of the two bonus "episodes" offered here: an episode entitled, encouragingly enough, "Lost in Nightmares". Not only does this have a super-slow and uber-atmospheric build-up, and return the game to limited resources a la the early Resident Evils...it furthermore renders you effectively UNARMED for much of its latter half, a la more recent "stealth-horror" games like Amnesia and Outlast. (And what's more, interestingly predates the somewhat similar - and similarly excellent - Evil Within DLCs, "The Assignment" and "The Consequence", by YEARS.)

My only criticisms are a complete lack of save-points - a mostly forgivable fact, given the episode's length ain't much over an hour - and an annoying "What the heck am I supposed to be doing here?"-style "boss fight" with Wesker at the end. Other than that, fantastic stuff; and it is, as always, quite wonderful to return to some-version-or-other of the RE1 mansion.

By stark contrast the other episode, Desperate Escape, is an all-out, dumb-arsed, action-packed frag-fest...but a pretty decent one for all that. Certainly a lot better than most such mini-games and DLCs from the RE franchise (I'm talking to YOU, The Struggle, you unforgivable piece of piggy-poop)!

There's also some Versus/"Mercenaries" stuff included with this bundle, but I'll skip straight over that since frankly, my dear, I don't GIVE a damn about such trifles. Still a highly recommended DLC; though if you (like myself) are not liable to get your "full value" from this pack by draining every single drop it has to offer, you may want to wait for a sale, 'cause fifteen bucks might be a tad steep for only a few hours of extras. Personally, I probably wouldn't have felt cheated even if I HAD paid full price, so I'm well sated one way or another.

Verdict: 9/10.
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rjmacready Feb 24 @ 3:57am 
Haha, cheers, you too!
❄Game Explorer 🔥 Feb 24 @ 3:28am 
rjmacready Feb 2 @ 9:57am 
Yeah, I keep meaning to! I have so many games to catch up on...and currently playing through at least ten, lol. (My attention span can get short at times!)
Wyvern-of-the-Rising-Sun Feb 2 @ 9:54am 
I will wishlist Uncanny Valley, when Steam works correctly again. Thanks.
You should play VALLEY. Enjoy the Music, the atmosphere and the exciting Story. :happyhero:
rjmacready Feb 2 @ 9:33am 
Ah yes, I actually have that game! (But not the soundtrack as of yet.) On my Wishlist, though.

Funny you should say a title with "valley" in it, 'cause one of my fave soundtracks is the one for Uncanny Valley. EXTREMELY dark and sinister :)
Wyvern-of-the-Rising-Sun Feb 2 @ 9:15am 
Thank you for the Invite. Nice to meet you. :-)
One of the Best Soundtracks i ever heard is the VALLEY Soundtrack. Also here on Steam. It fits very well with the Game, but works outside also as standalone. :-)