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Hello there!:selphinehappy:
I'm a friendly person who loves playing games, watching anime, having fun with friends, and especially talking to people so if you wanna have a chat don't hold back!

I don't usually trade but if you feel like sending a trade request you can click here.:gemfrag:
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:starempty: Birthday

My birthday is on May 10th.



:starempty:Games I like

I like pretty much all kinds of game genre. I'm a fan of many game series but my top favourites are Monster Hunter and Metal Gear Solid.

Other games worth mentioning would be Team Fortress 2 and Osu!.

:starempty:Anime I watch

I watch so many, that it's hard to even update this section. But my favorite anime of all time are:
1.) the Fate Series , 2.) Monogatari series , 3.) Prison School (No comedy anime has been able to make me laugh as much as Prison School did.)
I also really love serious but masterful anime like Made in Abyss.

:starempty:Status info

Online: Talk away!
Playing: Talk away! Although I can be a little slow at responding.
Mobile: You can still talk to me, but since I often like to watch youtube or do other stuff on my phone and can't keep both apps open at the same time, Steam might sometimes say I'm away or offline, but I still get notifications if you message me so I'll usually respond if i notice.
Away/Busy: May or may not be able to respond.
Offline: Sleeping, or just not using steam at the moment but might respond if I see a notification on my phone.

:starempty:Things I don't like

- People who like to take advantage of others.
- Scammers. (Not like they ever accomplish anything. If you are a scammer and are reading this, then I'll tell you beforehand that you don't need to try. :happymeat:)

One more thing I want to add is that I rarely ever trade, so if you want to add me just to trade you might be dissapointed. However that does not mean that I won't check a trade, and by the way I also have a trade offer link on my profile if anyone feels like sending one.

That is all! for now (ノ>ワ<)ノ*:・゚✧
:em_heart:Have a nice week:em_heart:
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